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Common Mistakes while buying two wheeler insurance

Getting a vehicle for you and your loved one is an exciting event in one’s life. It is something about the freedom you experience to travel wherever you want, whenever you want. You imagine yourself riding your newest motorcycle with your partner sitting at the back and the sea breeze hitting your face. For some, this may present an opportunity to take a long romantic ride across the coast; for others, this could be a thrilling start to an adventurous journey. You cannot help but think of course as John Abraham from ‘Dhoom’.

One of the first things people do at the time of purchasing their vehicle is to buy a two wheeler insurance policy. However, there are several small mistakes potential buyers make while getting a new bike. Here are 15 common mistakes one should avoid while purchasing a motorcycle.

  1. Always test-drive your bike

    – This is one of the most important steps to make sure you have chosen the bike most suited for your needs.

  2. Evaluate all your options

    – Even though you may have a certain affinity towards a certain brand, it is good to keep your options open. This way you do not seem too eager and can get a better deal on your dream bike.

  3. Ask for any special offers or discounts

    – While purchasing a bike it is always beneficial to ask your dealer for any special offers or discounts that you can avail. This is a great way to lower the cost a little.

  4. Get a Two Wheeler Insurance

    – This should be a no brainer considering it is a compulsion by the Indian Government. Getting your vehicle insured should be the first thing you do after purchasing your motorcycle.

  5. Get the required gear

    – Getting all the required gear specifically a helmet for you as well as your partner is a priority.

  6. Do not be lured by the cubic capacity

    – Bike enthusiasts often get lured into purchasing a bike with a higher cubic capacity. However, you should be aware that it increases your insurance premiums.

  7. Do not base your decision on just the looks

    – Sometimes the exteriors of the bike might convince you that this is the right choice for you but you should not base your decision on that primarily.

  8. Avoid unnecessary modifications in the beginning

    – A new bike owner might often get too overwhelmed and make unnecessary modifications just after purchasing the bike. This however is naïve and you should be able to get used to riding before modifying your new toy.

  9. Buying way over your skill level

    – In the heat of the moment, you see a higher-level sports bike and you’re sold. However, you should try to think practically to avoid making a mistake and purchasing above your skill level.

  10. Choose the right type of bike

    – Even though a sports bike may be your ultimate dream, it may not be the right type of bike for your needs. Travelling in the city and using the bike as daily commute is not meant for a sports bike.

  11. Do not settle for a bike that is over your budget

    – Before you go out on your shopping adventure; be sure to jot down a budget price. This is crucial as it is very easy for one to get swayed away from their budget and regret it later.

  12. Do not fall for the trap of unnecessary add-ons

    – Do not purchase bike insurance add-ons that will hike up the total price of your motorcycle. Buy only the ones that are required for the protection of your vehicle.

  13. Do not stress too much on the mileage

    – You might have heard the cliqued statement, “But how much mileage does it have?” This is one of the most common bases for people to choose their motorcycles. However, you should bear in mind that there are other criteria to look at before choosing a particular model.

  14. Evaluate the maintenance costs

    – While making your final decision, give a few minutes to evaluate the maintenance costs for your vehicle. If it is a good motorcycle but the maintenance is too high, is it worth it?

  15. Always ask for extra benefits the company can provide

    – The companies you are dealing with is eager to sell to you. Therefore, you should take advantage of this fact and ask for any extra benefits they can provide. This can include free bike gear etc.

Now that you know the common mistakes that most people make, you can exercise a more informed decision. Learning from mistakes is the best way to proceed. The above tips will surely help you make a better choice with your purchase.

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