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4 Best Ways to Avoid Road Accidents While Driving a Bike

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 21 Dec 2017

Best Ways to Avoid Road Accidents While Driving a Bike

‘Prevention is better than cure’. According to this famous saying, it is better to stop something bad from happening than to repair the damage after it occurs. If you purchase a new bike, you would definitely want to take care of it in order to ensure that it lasts you for a really long time. Similarly, it is of utmost importance that you drive safely on the road. Besides, securing yourself with a two-wheeler insurance plan, here are a few essential road safety tips to take care of while driving a bike:

  1. 1. Get yourself a sturdy helmet:

    Most of the deaths occur due to injuries in the head. Thus, you must get yourself a sturdy helmet as this will protect you against head injury. However, some people wear helmet just to avoid being fined by police. But always remember, you need to wear a helmet for yourself. Just be responsible while driving. As most of the times you are not at fault, but someone else who might drive in a haste can cause an accident. Apart from this, it’s good to wear boots, leather jacket, gloves while driving as it will protect you from bruises and other injuries.

  2. 2. Try to maintain a distance from other vehicles:

    You must keep a distance while over-taking moving vehicles on the road. Ensure that you maintain it each time you drive on the streets or the highways. Also, do not try to cut ahead when you find some space between two vehicles as this can lead to collisions. Thus, be respectful in order to avoid accidents.

  3. 3. Maintain your two-wheeler well:

    You must ensure that your bike enjoys maximum longevity. Try to check these few things by yourself like brakes, clutch, tyre condition, lights, horn, air pressure, suspension etc. before your ride. Get it serviced regularly. A bike in a good condition will increase the fuel efficiency and reduces the risk of accidents.

  4. 4. Ensure that you follow traffic rules:

    All riders should follow these simple rules in order to enjoy safe driving:

  • Ø By making use of indicators.
  • Ø Watch out for vehicle signals.
  • Ø Must use the mirror to view traffic behind you.
  • Ø Do not ride with more than one pillion rider.

Henceforth, these above-mentioned tips will help you to drive/ride safe, given you follow them and do not break the rules.

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