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5 Essential Things to Protect Your Bike during Rain

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 10 Jul 2019


Get your bike serviced regularly                   

Rain causes a lot of water and dust build up on the body parts of your two wheeler, which can affect its performance. Thus, get your bike serviced regularly as it will protect your bike against damages that are caused due to rains

Avoid parking your bike in an open area

If you want to prevent water or dust buildup on the body parts of your bike, then it is advisable to park your bike in a covered area. If you don’t find any, then cover your bike with a rain cover or plastic to avoid any kind of damage to the bike.

Grease the chain of your two wheeler  

Greasing is extremely important during rainy season. Lubricating the chain of your bike not just protects it against rusting but also, helps in maintaining its efficiency. You must also grease hinges and lever as they are also affected during rains. There are variety of chain cleaners and lubricants available in the market that will help you keep your chain clean.

Check the tyres, brake system, and lights of your bike

Rain causes a lot of dirt accumulation thus, make sure you check the tyres and brake system of your bike. Also, check the lights of your bike as visibility decreases during rainy season.

Clean the air filters regularly

During rainy season, there are high chances that the air filter of your bike gets clogged and thus, affects the performance of your bike. So, it’s advisable that you clean your air filters regularly during rainy season.

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One response to “5 Essential Things to Protect Your Bike during Rain”

  1. Ramesh says:

    We usually assume the bike is fine until it breaks down one fine day. These are simple yet most important things to take into consideration. Thanks!

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