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5 Motorcycle Hacks That You Should Know

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 08 Jun 2017


Not many pleasures can match the experience of riding a motorcycle. From being a stress buster to being a passion, a two-wheeler is one of automobile industry’s best inventions.

However, every good invention has a few downsides. While you may go ahead and buy a bike insurance, what about those little annoyances your bike may experience? Here are some simple motorcycle hacks that will help you maintain your bike and yourself with ease.

1) The Slippery Stand and the Can

Motorcycles are heavy machines. When you use the side stand to park your bike, you need a solid surface such as concrete. However, occasions will arise when you have to park on not so solid surface such as grass or mud. In such cases, there is a good chance your two-wheeler will slip.

When you face such surfaces, use a soft drink can. Centre the side stand on it, be at ease because the stand will stay upright and so will your bike.

2) Magnetic Directions

In today’s day and age, the internet is our go to guy. Any help regarding directions, use the net. However, there are times when you are riding in the wilderness where there is no hint of a network. If you know this scenario will happen, this hack will come in handy.

Find and write the directions to your destination and stick them on the metal tank using magnetic tape. Yes, when there is no internet to help you, old-school tricks are your way out.

3) Newspaper and boots

When you are off on a ride, there is a possibility that weather may turn on you without any prior notice. While bike insurance will cover your bike for any untoward incidents, what about your riding gear such as your boots?

In such scenarios, it is the simple newspaper that comes to your aid.

Newspapers possess a high absorption capacity. Stuff a lot of newspaper balls overnight and the next day, you will slip your feet into warm and dry boots.

4) Baby Wipes

Motorcycle maintenance is as much an art as it is a science. Keeping your motorcycle and helmet clean is pleasing to see and safe too. Now it is hard to get your motorcycle, helmets, and riding gear cleaned from a professional each time if you are on a budget.

An affordable way is to use baby wipes. They are easy to carry and one or two wipes are enough to keep you bike and gear clean until you reach your destination or give it for servicing.

5) Luggage and Ties

When you are on a long ride, you will strap some luggage on your bike. However, if your motorcycle does not have any anchor points to strap your luggage, you need to improvise.

Purchase loose ties or heavy ropes or strong cords and loop them under the seat to tie your luggage. You need to get inventive when there is no clear way.


Motorcycle hacks go a long way to keeping your motorcycle and riding gear clean and safe. These hacks are not just affordable but effective too.

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