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Bike Maintenance Tips for Monsoon

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 07 Jun 2016

Monsoon is undoubtedly the most beautiful time of the year. Who doesn’t wait eagerly for those wafts of cool breeze, lush greenery and the fresh scent of damp soil? Have you ever fantasized of riding through roads adorned with lush greenery while feeling the refreshing cold wind on your face? Although the thought of riding your bike in the rain might seem enthralling, the monsoon does pose certain threats for you as well as your bike. The rain can affect the bike’s performance and make it unsafe for the rider. Following these tips will ensure that you bike is in top condition for those monsoon road trips you have been craving for. And to make the rides safe for your bike and you, ensure that you have a valid Two Wheeler insurance policy.

Bike Maintenance Tips

  1. Get your bike serviced on Time: – Just as the rains are vital to life on earth, regular servicing and check-ups are important for your bike. Ensure that your bike is well serviced before the monsoon hits, so that you can venture out into the rain without worrying about the bike stalling or breaking down.
  2. Check the brakes: – Perfectly functioning brakes are vital to ensure the safety of the rider while riding on slippery wet roads. Brake liners are known to harden in rains. Hardened liners often lead to poor braking, thereby increasing the risk of accidents. Similarly, water seepage in hydraulic lines of disc brakes disrupts its functioning. So, check the brakes and service them if necessary before the first rain.
  3. Safety check of the tyres: – Tyres are the legs of your bike, make sure they are in good condition. Worn out tyres can lead to unnecessary skids and slips leading to accidents. Tyre treads with a minimum 2.3 mm depth are necessary for a proper grip in the slippery monsoon roads. If your bike tyre tread is less than 2.3 mm, you should definitely get a tyre change before the monsoon starts.
  4. Park carefully: – No matter how beautiful the monsoon might be, there are always unforeseen dangers waiting to happen. Avoid parking your bike under trees as there is always a risk of a branch falling on your bike. Avoid parking your bike out it the open as constant exposure to the rains might damage the electrical components, paint, and finish. Moreover, it might also cause rusting.
  5. Get Anti-rust for your bike: – Due to the constant exposure to moisture during monsoon, the metal parts of your bike become prone to rusting. Hence, get an anti-rust coating for you bike before the rains.
  6. Clean the Air filter: – Due to the heavy moisture in the air, the air filters of your bike may get clogged and not allow air to pass though easily. This could lead to stalling and jerks while accelerating. Keep the air filters of your bike clean for a smooth ride even in the rain.
  7. Inspect the bike after each ride: – Sometimes, the rains tend to scatter a lot of loose pebbles and gravel on the road. When you ride through them, these pebbles may be kicked up by the tyres and get logged in the vital parts of your bike. Always check the oil chamber and engine casing for such particles after every ride in the rain.

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