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Checklist for a Long Bike Trip

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 08 Apr 2016

The thrill of riding a motorbike through beautiful and tranquil terrains cannot be expressed in words. For motorbike enthusiasts, venturing on long road trips is a long cherished dream. Although such bike trips seem like a thrilling activity, it takes a lot of careful planning to have a safe trip. While undertaking a long trip on a motorcycle you could encounter many hitches that might make lead to unfavourable circumstances. To help you plan a safe and enjoyable trip, here’s a checklist of the items you need to carry along:-

Checklist for a Long Bike Trip

Checklist for a Long Bike Trip

  1. Bluetooth Headset:-A Bluetooth headset can prove to be very handy when you want to converse with your friends while riding a bike. You can easily add Bluetooth headset to your helmet for added convenience. This is especially useful when you are going on a long trip with a group of fellow travellers.
  1. Ear Plugs: – Using ear plugs is a great way to shut out the noise that penetrates the inside of a helmet. Subjecting your ears to such noise for a long time, can be really uncomfortable. By wearing ear plugs you will feel more comfortable while covering long distances.
  1. A Physical Map: – Although the online google maps and GPS are excellent for navigation, carrying a physical map is also important. This is because, these online maps stop working when you lose internet connectivity. If you are planning to travel to remote locations, carrying a physical map is imperative, so that you don’t get stranded on the way.
  1. Tool Kit: – Most of the times, bike trips are taken to remote locations and deserted roads. If your bike were to break down due to some minor issue, carrying a toolkit along would be extremely handy. Carrying a toolkit is as important as carrying a helmet. Make sure you do not go on for a bike trip without a tool kit.
  1. Second Pair of Gloves: – It is always better to carry an extra pair of gloves, when you are riding throughout the day. Sometimes the heat can make your palms sweat a lot, which can make the gloves damp. There is nothing worse than a pair of damp gloves, when you have a long ride ahead. Therefore carrying extra gloves is very important.
  1. Portable chargers: – Make sure you carry a portable charger to power up your mobile and Bluetooth headsets on the go. Like any other trip, you might end up taking a zillion pictures with your mobile during the trip. To ensure your mobile battery doesn’t wear out at the wrong time, carrying a portable charger is indispensable.

Apart from these essentials, you need to carry your bike’s important documents such as registration certificate, Royal Sundaram two-wheeler insurance plan, PUC, and other receipts. Keeping these essential documents while travelling will save you from trouble, if held during police checks carried at highways.

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