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Customisations to Add Life to your Bike

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 06 Jul 2017

Customisations to add life to your bike

Indian households and two wheelers share a strong bond. A range of models spanning budget to luxury prices and better traffic management are some of the major factors behind their popularity. When majority of houses in India have a two wheeler parked in their courtyards, it becomes highly important to have a safety guide for them.

We list here some basic customizations that can strengthen your two wheeler, protect it from the ravages of bad weather and reduce the wear and tear. These incorporations will not only add life to your vehicle but also ensure safe and secure bike rides for you and your loved ones. Especially, with monsoons right around the corner, it is important to have add-ons that save you and your vehicle from the rains.

Dress up your two wheeler with:

  1. Customized Insurance Plan

First and foremost, invest in a comprehensive two wheeler insurance plan, if you haven’t already. A liability only plan will get you out of trouble from third-party damage but it won’t provide a protection cover for you and your vehicle. Road side assistance, towing facility, personal accident cover and cashless garage services are few of the many perks that you can avail with a motor insurance. Design your plan according to your needs. Moreover, it is best to choose a long-term two wheeler insurance to get more coverage for less.

  1. Outdoor Cover

While a covered garage space is best to protect your bike, you might not get it everywhere you go. A cover steps in here and protects your vehicle no matter where you are. Invest in a heavy-duty outdoor cover made of breathable material. These safety covers are waterproof and heat-resistant with UV protection. They also come with non-scratching liners and rust inhibitors to blanket your bike completely and extensively.

  1. Anti-lock Braking System

This safety system offers improved control over your vehicle. It prevents the motorcycle wheels from locking up and also helps avoid skidding. Hence, this feature proves as a very significant add-on, especially during monsoons and for safe and well-controlled hilly rides.

  1. Side Guard

Protect your two wheeler from scratches and scuff marks by shielding its body with steel side guards. These are precisely designed to minimize the damage caused to your vehicle if it skids or plunges. Also, these rods are rust resistant and hence last for a long time.

  1. Anti-corrosion Treatment

Corrosion due to rust is a natural occurrence that will affect your bike’s body sooner or later, so let’s make it later instead. Curtail the damage to your vehicle caused due to rust by getting an anti-rust coating. It not only protects the outer body of your bike but also reduces the harm on the underbody of your vehicle.

  1. Hand Guards

Enhance your bike’s safety and comfort with hand guards. Made with high density plastic, it can withstand heavy impact protecting your hands and the vehicle’s lever, especially recommended during long two wheeler drives. These are light and easy to install, and provide protection against harsh weather conditions like chilly winter winds or heat waves.

  1. Rearsets

Rearsets help you adjust your foot and have a more comfortable base on your bike. It also provides more ground clearance and thereby more expanse to lean the vehicle. In addition, it gives a stronger grip on your bike that helps you enjoy a well-controlled ride.

  1. Frame Sliders

Minimize the damage caused to your bike during a crash by installing frame sliders. They are ideally made of nylon or aluminium and protects the crucial parts of the bike like frame and engine, in case of a slip or skid. These are especially important during monsoons when the roads are slithery and highly accident prone.

An all-inclusive insurance plan, long term rust proofing, side guards and all other add-ons will amount to many more years to the life of your two wheeler.

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