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How to Keep Your Two Wheeler Monsoon Ready?

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 08 Jun 2017


Road accidents become a major concern as monsoon approaches. If you take proper measures, you can minimize the chances of such mishaps. Here’s how:

Get Your Bike Rain-Ready

  • Ø Application of an anti-rust protection layer will protect the body of your two-wheeler against corroding.
  • Ø Get your disks, inside of your drum brakes and liners cleaned to ensure that your brakes work efficiently.
  • Ø Invest in a rain gear.
  • Ø Clean up the air-filter to avoid clogging due to moisture.
  • Ø Rain means dirt and muck, which requires you to clean your bike chain more frequently.
  • Ø Change your tyres if they are worn out. The treads of the tyres provide grip and worn out tyres that are at a higher risk of slipping.
  • Ø Find a covered parking area.
  • Ø Check that all the lights—indicators, headlights, taillights etc. are working. Rain and clouds reduce visibility and lights play a major role to help other vehicles spot you on the road.
  • Ø Enjoy cashless servicing of your bike with your two wheeler insurance

Invest in a Comprehensive Insurance Plan

Vehicle breakdown in monsoons is a very common occurrence, which can translate to big expenses and major anxiety. In such a scenario, it is very important to have a back-up if things turn out to be unfavourable. Hence, if you hold only a third-party motor insurance, it is time to power up your two-wheeler insurance. While the former will only pay your third party liability, a comprehensive bike insurance will take care of you and your vehicle.

There are many ways to secure your insurance plan at a low-premium. Follow these hacks—

  • Ø Customize your policy to the features that meet your need. No extra features means no extra money.
  • Ø Avail discounts on the basis of your clean driving record, no claim bonus, etc.
  • Ø Sign up for a long term two-wheeler insurance to lock your premium price. Companies also offer discounts on such plans—longer the tenure, higher the discount.
  • Ø Buy your bike insurance online.

Be Extra Cautious

  • Ø Avoid skidding as it is likely to go wrong on wet roads.
  • Ø Utilize the day-light. Avoid driving when it’s dark, early in the morning and during the night.
  • Ø Do not speed-up. Drive slowly and be vigilant.
  • Ø Keep your distance from other vehicles.
  • Ø Use mirrors to keep a check, especially while taking a turn.
  • Ø In case of heavy rains, find a safe spot and wait till the weather is apt for driving.
  • Ø Don’t panic in an adverse situation. Having a good control can minimize the damage.
  • Ø Pre-check your vehicle for lights, brakes and fuel before commencing your journey.

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