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13 Important Safety Tips for Bike Riders

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 07 Jun 2019



So, now you are all set to ride your favourite bike that you have been eyeing on. Although, before heading out on the road, it is always advisable to take care of your safety in order to ensure a great journey. So, here are some few tips that every bike rider should keep in mind before hitting on the road, take a look –


  • * Obey all the traffic rules: This is one of the most important safety tips that you must follow while riding a bike. You must obey all the traffic rules and move your vehicle in the direction of the traffic.
  • * Invest in a helmet: Whether you are driving on a highway, city or streets, it is advisable to wear a helmet. This not just saves you from the penalties but also saves your head from suffering any kind of injury. Thus, make sure you wear a helmet while riding a bike.
  • * Do not drink and drive: Drink and drive is a punishable offence. Thus, if you have consumed alcohol or any other drug, then it is better not to drive.
  • * Get your bike serviced regularly: Make sure your bike is serviced on a regular basis. In order to ensure smooth running for a long period, you must get your bike serviced at least once in every four months.
  • * Buy the right two wheeler insurance policy: As per Motor Vehicles Act, it is mandatory to buy a two wheeler insurance policy if you are riding a bike. All you need to do is some research about insurance policies and you will be able to find the best two wheeler insurance for your bike that suits your needs.
  • * Avoid talking on phone: This is yet another important thing you need to consider while riding a bike. Do not take calls or listen to music while driving a bike. Your full concentration should be on the road.
  • * Always be responsible: You should always be responsible while riding a bike. If you are careless, then this might put your life and someone else’s life on stake.
  • * Avoid over speeding: Riding your bike at a high speed can be risky at times as mostly accidents take place on roads due to over speeding. Therefore, you must follow the traffic rules properly and do not over speed so as to avoid unwanted collisions.
  • * Be careful, if the weather is not good: Bad weather can create a lot of problems for you. Thus, you need to drive on a slower pace if it’s raining or use low beam lights during foggy winters.
  • * Know your vehicle: To stay safe and secure on roads, it is important to have a good understanding of your bike.
  • * Maintain distance from the vehicle ahead of you: It is always good to maintain some distance from the vehicle ahead of you as this will help in avoiding collisions.
  • * Look out for any kind of road hazards: From broken glasses, dogs, potholes to uneven roads, you must look out for all kinds of road hazards that may cause accidents.
  • * Use quality materials to clean the bike: You must use top quality products to clean your bike so that your bike remains new for a long period.


These are few important safety tips that every biker must follow when they ride. Besides, if you are looking to buy bike insurance online, go for Royal Sundaram; it offers comprehensive two-wheeler insurance plans at affordable prices.

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One response to “13 Important Safety Tips for Bike Riders”

  1. Dessai says:

    Safety comes first. It is always advisable to take care of your safety in order to ensure a great journey. Thanks for this safety tips.

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