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Is your Two-Wheeler Monsoon Ready?

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 10 Jul 2018


Monsoon can be dreadful time for our bikes. The slick roads are already a danger trap to drive on. Add to it, the moisture-heavy air that is the perfect atmosphere for rust corrosion, and you have a beat up bike ill prepared to take on monsoon. However, you can reduce the chances of your bike ending up in this lot by taking necessary measures. Find out if your two-wheeler is monsoon-ready or not by ticking off the following checklist:

  • * Get insured: Having a two-wheeler insurance policy is not just advisable, but also mandatory by Indian law. While the state instates you to get a third party liability cover, we suggest investing in a comprehensive cover that will also take care of you and your bike. Monsoon makes the roads highly accident-prone. Avoid the financial burden of a repair, injury or damage with a two-wheeler insurance.
  • * Anti-rust protection: protect your bike from rust corrosion. Apply a healthy layer of anti-rust protective layer on the metal body of the bike.
  • Lubricate: Hear that annoying static-like sound coming from your bike? It’s time to lubricate the chains. Excessive wear and tear of the chain can make them break off suddenly. Lubricating them will keep them in good condition and make your ride smoother.
  • * Change the engine oil: most people forget this and regret it later. It’s important to keep your engine from getting rusty so it runs in its top condition. Changing the engine oil regularly is a step in this direction.
  • * Clean up the brakes: in order to ensure your bike works at the prime of its condition, clean up all the inside gears, disks, drum brakes and liners. Faulty brakes are some of the most common reasons for accidents.
  • * Clean air filter: The debris from the road can easily clog up the air filter of your bike. Changing the air filter regularly will help you avoid a lot of problems such as hard starts, stalled engine, slow response, and black smoke coming out of the exhaust.
  • * Check your tyres: Riding with worn out or bald tyres during monsoon is risky business as the chances of your bike slipping and skidding are high. Change your tires if they are worn out. Ensure they have a strong tread to provide necessary grip on the road.
  • * Light it up: Heavy rains make it difficult to see what’s on the road. In that case, your bike lights are necessary protection against any unforeseen events. Check all the lights of your bike – the backlight, indicators, headlights, etc. if any light is not working as it should, replace them.
  • * Cover up: To maintain the good health of your bike, avoid parking in an open space with no protection against rain. Park in a closed, dry space.

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