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Offering Maximum Insurance Cover For Your Two Wheelers

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 15 Mar 2017


We all know how precious it is to own a vehicle, not to forget the pride and joy that comes with it. The freedom it offers, being able to go anywhere on whim and not depend on someone else or the public transport. But then comes the worry of accidents or damages and the expenses that come along with it. The only way is to have a reliable two wheeler insurance policy in place.

Making a start on the two wheeler insurance

On the roads today, we see a lot more two wheelers when compared to other vehicles. There are people across ages riding them weaving through crazy traffic at any given time of the day. For the two-wheeler owners, worrying about accidents and mishaps is a big worry, especially since we read about the various incidents daily. Research has shown that nearly 75% of two wheelers plying on the roads do not have an insurance policy, which is quite surprising.

The best way to put yourself out of the misery would be to purchase a good two-wheeler insurance policy right at the time of the two wheeler purchase. These days, just like everything else, insurance policy is also available at the click of a button, making it less time consuming and easy. Insurance companies have launched two wheeler long term insurance where you can purchase a policy for up to 3 years period.

Benefits of the multi-year policy

As with any insurance policy, this comes with its set of advantages, infact there is nothing but positives here. Here we go,

  1. Convenience –

The biggest benefit of this multi-year policy is that one need not renew the policy year on year. It is valid for up to the number of years chosen, be it 2 or 3 [which is the maximum offered as on date]. It has been noted that for many policyholders it is quite cumbersome to keep track of their insurance policy renewal date, especially if they have more than one policy. And even if they do remember the renewal date, there might be times when they would forget to make the payment. With everything happening online, it is quite easy to just go to the website and make the payment and not lose out on benefits.

  1. Third party liability –

Since the premium for the third party liability is fixed right at the date of purchase, there is no need to pay any extra premium even if there is an increase in Third party premium during the course of the policy period. The insured is protected against hike and premium increase towards Third party premium and other charges.

  1. No claim bonus –

No Claim Bonus[NCB] is a reward for filing no claim in the previous year. It can be accumulated over a period of insurance.  The NCB will not become nil in case of one claim during the currency of the policy.

And so all said and done, the benefits speak for themselves and so it is highly recommended the vehicle users go in for a multi-year insurance policy to safeguard themselves.  This works well for those who typically hold on to a vehicle for 3years or more.

Time to go vehicle shopping..

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