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In a country like India, it is important for every two wheeler user to understand road safety rules. Factors such as poor infrastructure, bad driving skills, general disregard for traffic rules results in life threatening accidents. Thus, to prevent yourself from getting involved in any such situation, you must follow these few important rules so as to keep yourself safe on the roads –

  • Always wear a helmet – It is very important to think about your safety. So always wear a helmet while driving a two wheeler as this will protect you against head injuries caused due to an accident. Moreover, if you are riding a bike with a pillion, then make sure he/she also wears a helmet. In India, driving a two wheeler without a helmet is considered as illegal.
  • Do not drive when you’re drunk – Never drive your two wheeler under the influence of alcohol or any drug as it is completely illegal. It is proven fact that alcohol reduces our reaction time. So, even if you think you’re capable of driving after several drinks, avoid doing it. You can ask your friend or book a cab to drop you home.
  • Obey traffic rules – It is prudent to follow all traffic rules as neglecting the basic driving rule will result in too many traffic blocks and unwanted collisions.
  • Get a two wheeler insurance policy – For the complete protection of your bike, it is also important to get your bike or two wheeler insured. A two wheeler insurance policy provides own damage cover and third-party liability cover. Also, it covers you against theft and natural calamities.

Remember, it is always good to be safe than sorry. Thus, keep these above mentioned tips in mind to make your driving experience a whole lot safer. In addition to this, every individual who owns a bike or any other two-wheeler must buy a two wheeler insurance policy as driving without a valid insurance is considered as a punishable offence in India. Besides, if you are looking to buy two-wheeler insurance policy online in India, then go for Royal Sundaram; they offer comprehensive two wheeler policies at affordable rates.

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