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Car Insurance in Bihar

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Bihar is the 13th largest state in India, and is the third most populous state in India. Bihar is also the only state in India wherein 58% of population is under the age of 25. Bihar derives its name from the ancient Sanskrit word ‘Vihara’, which means monastery, and as the name denotes, Bihar is a land of monasteries and intricately linked with the life of Buddha and the rise of Buddhism in India. Bihar also has historical significance, given that it was the centre of culture and learning in ancient India, with the oldest Indian Universities of Nalanda and Vikramshila being based in Bihar.

Bihar is also well known for rich Sal forests, wildlife, geo-thermal hot springs, Madhubani and Mithila folk artistry. The most significant of festivals celebrated in Bihar include the bi-annual Chhat Puja, Teej and the month-long Shravani Mela. Bihar is also an important hub for education, and is expected to be a centre of economic & infrastructure excellence in the near future. For car owners in Bihar, you can expect similar excellence in car care with Royal Sundaram’s car insurance policies that offer a variety of services such as free on-road repair and free towing up to 25 kilometres. The policies also offer additional benefits such as wind shield cover and 100% price insurance cover to ensure that your ride stays smooth and safe, always.
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