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Car Insurance in Haryana

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Haryana is a state in North India, having its capital in Chandigarh. It was declared as a state in 1966, separating itself from Punjab on the basis of language. Haryana has significant historical importance given the settlements of the Indus Valley Civilization in Rakhigarhi, Hisar, where the foundations of the Harappan civilization can be seen till date. Haryana has also witnessed the various battles of Panipat as well the Kurukshetra War, which add to Haryana’s significance from a mythological point of view as well.

Haryana is the second highest per capita income state in India, and this prosperous state is conducive to business and employment, given its prominence as an industrial hub and agricultural sustainability. It is also a major contributor to the Indian sports landscape, with several notable players coming from the state to play at the national level.

Haryana is one of India’s most economically developed states, best known for its role in India’s Green Revolution and being the largest manufacturing hub for passenger cars, two wheelers and tractors. As a car owner in Haryana, Royal Sundaram has the perfect car insurance policy for you, including benefits such as free on-road repair, free towing up to 25 kilometres, wind shield cover without affecting your No-claim Bonus and 100% price insurance cover, along with access to multiple cashless garages across the state.
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