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Car Insurance in Meghalaya

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Literally translated, Meghalaya is the land of clouds. Previously a part of Assam, Meghalaya attained statehood in 1972, and has its capital city in Shillong. Meghalaya is unique, given that the official language of the state is English and has a matriarchal form of society, wherein lineage and inheritance are traced through the daughters of the family.

The state topography is rich in mineral resources and extremely fertile, given the many rivers prevalent in the region. With subtropical forests and lush green valleys, the state is a popular tourist destination, extremely popular with anglers, trekkers and mountaineers. Warm people and an amenable climate make this state an extremely friendly destination.

Meghalaya is also the wettest state in India. So if you are driving along the well-connected roads in this state and ever run out of fuel, do remember to insure your car with Royal Sundaram’s car insurance policies in the future. Royal Sundaram’s car insurance policies offer a variety of benefits such as free on-road repair, free towing up to 25 kilometres, wind shield cover without affecting your No Claim Bonus and 100% price insurance cover and yes, free emergency fuel delivery, so you enjoy the view, while we get to you!
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