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Volkswagen is Revamping their Car Segment

09 July, 2014

Volkswagen is a company that everyone identifies with impeccable engineering and design. You would not think such a company would be facing issues with declining sales. Unfortunately, all reports point to this very problem. In fact, if Volkswagen does not come up with a game-changing plan, we could very well be seeing the imminent demise of the automobile giant. To avoid such a catastrophe, Volkswagen is planning to revamp their car segment by revising the designs of multiple models from the Passat to the Polo.

To start with, we can expect the return of the infamous Phaeton along with a new midsize sedan to replace the Passat. The Phaeton is not one of Volkswagen’s best sellers, although it is their most premium car offering a bevy of features and the highest specs for any sedan in the Volkswagen line-up, with the latest model being the 2011 one. Volkswagen will retain using its Dresden factory in Germany for the assembly, ensuring that it shares powertrains and technology with high-end Audis and the Bentley Continental range. However, this revamp seems to be more a pipe dream as the only confirmed reports available states that it will be released in 2018.

One of Volkswagen`s more popular models, the Polo, has also received a massive overhaul. However, most the average consumer may not notice any changes, as most modifications are under the hood. This includes a new engine line-up that replaces the previous entry-point 1.2-litre petrol engine with a 1.0-litre one. Volkswagen has maintained the basic look and quality of the cabin design. Although there have not added additional head, leg or shoulder space, the Polo has sufficiently delivered in these aspects; the same goes for the boot space.

One model that will not be receiving a makeover is the Routan, Volkswagen`s only offering in the minivan segment. Production had to be halted high inventory levels, although the car is still reserved for rental car services. Currently, the Routan holds a four-percent market share, and Volkswagen speculates that sales should increase once people become aware of the van.

Arguably, the most exciting revamp has to be that of the Jetta Sportwagen, a model which has gone through a major design overhaul. It now sports a 2.0-liter turbo-diesel engine that utilizes Volkswagen's clean diesel technology. The Jetta’s has also received some subtle yet significant changes to its interiors. The top-end model is outfitted with chrome cladded gauges and controls, ambient lighting and a new multifunctional steering wheel. Volkswagen also promises new seat fabrics and colour options.
With all these exciting developments, Volkswagen is out to make a statement that its cars are here to stay. However, the payoff will be noticeable once the figures are in, and Volkswagen is hoping they can improve at least from last year’s not-so-endearing results. If you are looking to buy a new Volkswagen, ensure that you also cover it by selecting the correct motor insurance policy.

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