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Car Shield - 9 Special Add-on Covers

Car Shield 6 Special Add On Covers

Get the Royal Sundaram Car Shield
Advantage for your Car
 - Wind Shield Cover without affecting
No Claim Bonus!

Car Shield comes with 9 unique add-on covers that enhance the protection offered in the standard package policy.  Some of our popular add-ons include, No Claim Bonus(NCB) Protector, Depreciation Waiver on plastic or metals parts in case of partial loss or claim, Key Protector will cover the cost incurred in repair/replacement of keys, including labour costs, add-on cover which cover for your windshield glass without affecting No Claim Bonus, full invoice price cover for protection against total damage or theft.
Depreciation Waiver Cover
Get depreciation waiver on plastic and metal parts in case of partial loss/claim. This means when you make a claim, you will get the full claim amount without any deduction for depreciation on the value of parts being replaced.

For example, normally when you have to replace some part and make a claim towards this replacement, you will not get the full cost of the part but only the depreciated cost depending on how old your vehicle is. Older the vehicle lower the value, however you can protect yourself against depreciation with this cover. If you take this cover, you will be paid full value of the parts without deduction of any amount towards depreciation. This means you do not have to pay out of your pocket towards the replacement of the parts.

What is Covered?
  • All plastic parts without applying depreciation in case of a claim.
  • All metal parts without applying depreciation in case of a claim.
  • You need not bear any portion of any depreciable parts. The cost of all parts necessitating replacement will be allowed in full.
  What is not Covered?    
  • The amount of total deductible mentioned in the policy schedule.
  • Damage caused by an uninsured peril including mechanical breakdown.
  • Damage to uninsured items including accessories and bi-fuel/gas kit.
  • Claims made for theft of parts and/or accessories.
  • Claims made under Self Authorisation Mode.
    Deductibles: As per the base Package Policy

Minimum Premium: The cover will be subject to a minimum premium of Rs.100/-.

Other Conditions:    
  • The Cover will be offered on annual basis and will run concurrently with the Package policy of the vehicle.
  • Mid-term inclusion or removal of this cover shall not be allowed.
  • Cover available only for vehicles up to 5 years of age.
  • The Cover is not available for imported vehicles and obsolete models that are no more in production and whose parts are not available off the shelf.
    Pricing: Based on the vehicles IDV, Age, Engine size and Make  

UIN No: IRDAN102A0011V02201213
Windshield Glass Cover
 If the windscreen glass (front and/or rear) of your car accidentally breaks and needs to be repaired / replaced, we will repair / replace the same without your No Claim Bonus getting affected. This will not be treated as an Own Damage claim and will not affect your No claim bonus next year.

Normally, you would lose the accumulated No Claim Bonus on claiming for such repair/replacement. With this cover, you can protect your No Claim Bonus in spite of claiming for repair/replacement of your windscreen glass.

What is Covered?
  • This cover is applicable only when the windshield glass is broken and there are no damages to the vehicle.
  • The vehicle is repaired in a garage / workstation of our choice within the city where you reside based on the residential address provided for this insurance. If the windshield glass is repaired / replaced at any other place, the incident will be treated as a separate claim and the No Claim Bonus will be affected.
  • Only for the first claim for replacement of windshield glass, during the year. Subsequent claims for Windshield glass will not qualify for continuation of No Claims Bonus.
What is not Covered?    
  • The amount of total deductible mentioned in the policy schedule.
  • Damage caused by an uninsured peril.
  • Manufacturing defects.
  • Depreciation on parts, if the depreciation waiver clause is not opted.
  • Cover to be opted at the inception of the Private Car Package Policy and shall run concurrently with the Package Policy. Mid-term inclusion and/or removal of the cover are not permissible. 
  • This cover is available only for New vehicles and vehicles up to 3 years old that are currently being manufactured and are not obsolete.
Deductibles: As per the base Package Policy.

Minimum Premium: The cover will be subject to a minimum premium of Rs.50.

Pricing: Based on the vehicles IDV, Age and Make.  

UIN No: IRDAN102A0004V01200910  
Voluntary Deductible Cover
In case of any claim, if you voluntarily agree to bear the stipulated amount of claim, we will pay the claim amount only for damages in excess of this limit of Voluntary Deductible. This way you can save money on your Motor Insurance premium, as there will be a discount on your premium ranging from 15% to 35% on the Own Damage Premium.

You can opt for voluntary deductible amount ranging from Rs 1,500 to 15,000.   

By opting for this cover, you will not only be paying a lower premium for your car insurance, but also be protecting the value of the Car.

Pricing: The discount will be as per the existing tariff grid along with the two additional slabs included.

UIN No:IRDAN102A0006V01200910
Full Invoice Price Insurance Cover
Insure your car to 100% of the List price. In case of theft or total damage you will get full reimbursement on the invoice amount of the car.

Normally, for a new vehicle insured for the first time, the Private Car is insured at 95% of its Manufacturer's List Price. This clause will enable you to insure your new car for the full 100% of the List Price. In case of a Total Loss or Theft of the vehicle, the full invoice value of the vehicle, that was insured, will be considered while assessing the loss.

Similarly, you can also avail this facility for older cars up to 3 years of age. In the event of a Total Loss or Theft of the vehicle, you will be eligible for the value of a replacement car as agreed between us at the inception of the Policy and as appearing in the face of the Policy / Endorsement. 

Suppose you bought a car for Rs 6,00,000 and the car is totally damaged or stolen because of depreciation you would get only Rs 4,20,000 and you will have to pay the balance out of your pocket to replace the car. With the Full Invoice Price Cover, you would get the entire amount back.

What is Not Covered?
  • The amount of total deductibles as mentioned in the base Package Policy
  • This cover is available only for New vehicles and vehicles up to 3 years old that are currently being manufactured and are not obsolete.
 c Minimum Premium : The cover will be subject to a minimum premium of Rs.100/-
All other terms and conditions applicable to the base Package Policy, along with the opted add-on covers, shall apply for this cover.

UIN No: IRDAN102A0008V01200910
Loss of Baggage Cover
This cover provides reimbursement in the case of loss of baggage or damages to the baggage placed in your car. The benefit of taking this cover is your  No Claim Bonus  will not get affected if you have made a claim for loss of baggage only without making any Own Damage claim. 

What is Covered?

  • Loss of Baggage or destruction or damage caused to the Baggage, kept in the insured vehicle, arising out of an accident to the insured vehicle or theft of Baggage from the insured vehicle.
  • Baggage includes personal effects belonging to you and being carried by you during a Journey in the car insured under this policy. Personal Effects cover the contents that are personal in nature (cloths, toiletries, shoe, belt etc. that are normally worn on the person) and are placed in a secure baggage.
  • This cover is applicable while travelling in the car insured under this policy anywhere in India.

What is not Covered?
  • The amount of total deductible mentioned in the policy schedule.
  • All electronic/electrical items / devices, cell phones, music players, laptops, handheld computing or email devices, cameras of any type, watches and other sophisticated electronic equipments do not form a part of Personal effects and are excluded from the scope of this policy.
  • Loss, destruction or damage directly or indirectly, caused by or which arises out of or in connection with or is attributable in any way to Property insured under any other Policy.
  • Theft from an unattended vehicle except from a car of a fully enclosed saloon type having all the doors, windows, boot and other openings securely locked and properly fastened.
  • Money, credit or debit cards, stamps, tickets, vouchers, documents, securities.
  • Jewellery, including but not limited to watches, diamonds, precious or semi-precious stones or metals, bullion, furs, medals, numismatic property, philatelic property, rare books, curios or works of art, securities, deeds, stock or share certificates, business books or documents, manuscripts, plans, designs, blueprints, cards evidencing affiliation/membership with any third party programme or club.
  • Goods or samples carried in connection with any trade or business.
  • Baggage whilst being conveyed under a contract of affreightment or a contract of carriage.
  • Tools and equipments.
  • Cracking, scratching or breakage of fragile articles such as those made of or comprising glass, statues, marbles, bric-a-brac, porcelain, china, unless Accidental loss, destruction or damage is caused to the insured vehicle in which the Baggage is conveyed.
  • Baggage of a consumable nature.
  • Articles or clothes whilst being worn on the person or being carried on the person.
  • Damages due to Rodents, moths, insects or vermin, moulds and mildew.
  • Faulty material, faulty workmanship or latent defect.
  • Wear and tear, loss of use or value.
  • Leakage, spilling or exuding of liquids oils or material of like nature or articles of dangerous or damaging nature.
  • Articles which did not form part of the baggage when the journey commenced, unless specifically declared and accepted by us.
  • We shall also not be liable for loss, destruction or damage to baggage discovered more than 30 days after its occurrence.
  • This cover is available only for New vehicles and vehicles up to 3 years old that are currently being manufactured and are not obsolete.

Minimum Premium: The cover will be subject to a minimum premium of Rs.100/

Deductibles:  Rs.500 on every claim.

Other Benefits:

The No Claim Bonus under the Base Package Policy will not get affected if a claim for baggage loss only is made without preferring any Own Damage claim. 

Other Conditions:
  • In the event of a claim being settled, the Sum Insured of the baggage cover will get reduced to the extent of the claim paid.
  • As proof of loss, a police complaint needs to be lodged with the nearest police within 3 days of the loss and a copy of the FIR submitted to us.
  • Our maximum liability will be restricted to the Sum Insured under this head as mentioned in the schedule of the policy.
UIN No:IRDAN102A0009V01200910  
Spare Car Clause
Get daily cash benefit to cover your conveyance expense in case of breakdown, while your car is being repaired.
You get a fixed sum towards hiring a transport while the vehicle is under repair for a valid claim and the repair time is more than 1 day.

What is covered?
  • The Daily Cash Benefit can be availed only once during the course of the Package Policy towards the cost of making alternative travel arrangements while your vehicle is undergoing repairs following an accident covered under your car policy.
  • The benefit under this cover will be arrived at based on the final assessment of loss after considering all the other terms and conditions of the Private Car Package Policy and opted add-on covers under the policy. 
  • The vehicle should be insured under a Private Car Package Policy with us.
  • Your claim for accidental damages to the vehicle should be out of an insured peril and should be admitted by us.
  • The accident should have happened during the currency of the policy.
  • Claims for loss or damage to accessories only is not covered under this clause.
  • This cover is available only from the inception of the policy and it is not possible to opt for this cover during the currency of a Policy. Once this cover is selected it cannot be removed during the currency of the Policy.
  • This cover shall not be availed for replacement of windshield glass (front and/or rear) only claims or any repair work that is completed within 1 working day.
  • The repair period will always exclude the lead time that may be required by the repairer for ordering/sourcing /procuring/shipping / supplying of the required spare parts and also the jobs that are to be outsourced.
  • The benefits under this cover cannot be adjusted against any other dues from you or payment to the repairer / others.
  • In the event of multiple claims intimated together for carrying out accidental repair work, with varied date of accidents, the benefit will be applied to the maximum claim amount among all the claims so reported.
  • The settlement of claim under this add-on cover will be decided along with the accidental damage claim to the vehicle and will be settled once the accidental damage claim is settled.
  • The settlement of a claim under this Clause will be made to you directly through a Cheque payable to you and sent to your address as mentioned in this policy.
What is not Covered? 
  • Your inability to use the vehicle for any reason other than a valid claim due to an accident resulting in the vehicle being garaged for undergoing accidental repair work.
  • This cover is available only for New vehicles and vehicles up to 3 years old that are currently being manufactured and are not obsolete.
  • Claims under self authorisation mode are not covered under this clause.
CLAIM AMOUNT (IN Rs) # Upto 20,000 20,001 to 50,000 50,001 to 1 Lakh Greater Than 1 Lakh
Maximum No Of Days* 3 7 10 15
Benefits per Day in Rs. Rs 150 or in multiples of Rs 50 there of Rs 150 or in multiples of Rs 50 there of Rs 150 or in multiples of Rs 50 there of Rs 150 or in multiples of Rs 50 there of
*The claim amount represents our net liability after all deductions and post taxes, wherever applicable.

*The number of days required to complete the accidental repair work will be ascertained by us and this may be lower than the Maximum no. of days indicated above. 
Engine (Aggravation) Protector Coverage
Do you drive through waterlogged roads during monsoon?  Do you fear driving through water logged roads can choke your car’s engine? Do you fear rugged roads can cause accidental damage to the internal parts of your engine, gear box and power steering pump? Then, our Engine Protector cover also known as the Aggravation (Damage) Cover Clause is the perfect add-on if you want to care for your car’s most important part ‘The Engine’.

By opting for our Engine Protector Add on, we will cover the damages to:

1.Engine – internal  parts
2.Gear Box – internal parts
3.Transmission or Differential internal parts
4.Power Steering Pump internal parts

Caused by

1.Leakage of lubricating oil/coolant due to any accidental means or
2.Water Ingression while being driven.

We will compensate you for cost incurred by you towards

1.Repairs and/or replacement of the parts of the above units
2.The labour cost directly connected with repairing / replacing the above units
3.Cost of Lubricants and Consumables required to undertake the above activity

Subject to the option of the insurance company either to repair or replace part(s) or the assembly as the case may be.

This cover is available for:
1.Vehicle upto 3 years of age
2.Vehicles registered and plying anywhere in India
3.Vehicles registered and used as Private  Car
4.The first claim preferred under this add-on-cover
5.Cover from inception of policy – no midterm inclusion or endorsement
6.Vehicle to be inspected before granting Cover for Old Vehicles
7.Can be offered along with our Renewals

What is not covered:
1.Parts other than those mentioned above
2.Loss or Damage due to ageing, depreciation and wear and tear.
3.Losses falling under the ‘Manufacturer’s Warranty’, including Product recall.
4.Loss or Damage due to delay in intimating the incident to us and /or aggravation of damages due to delay in retrieval of the vehicle from  a water logged condition or rusting/corrosion due to the delay.
5.Claim made under self authorization mode – where the vehicle is dismantled, repaired & replaced without our prior consent/inspection.

A claim under this cover is admissible if there is visible evidence of:

1.Damage to the engine / gear box or transmission or differential assembly or power steering pump resulting in leakage of oil/coolant
2.The vehicle partially or fully submerged in water resulting in ingression of water into the engine / gear box or transmission or differential assembly or power steering pump

Other conditions:

1.The cover will be offered on annual basis and will run concurrently with the Package of the vehicle
2.The engine should not be crank or push started if the vehicle has stopped due to water ingression or if the oil/coolant has leaked due to undercarriage damage.
3.Immediate notice to our nearest office shall be given of the incident to enable us to arrange for retrieval of the vehicle and/or provide necessary instructions/support.
4.The add-on cover is also subject to the terms, conditions and exceptions of the package policy to which this add-on cover is attached.

*This add on cover is optional
NCB Protector
NCB proctector add-on acts like a reward to the owner of the vechile for no insurance claim(s) in the previous policy tenutures. You can avail 20 to 50% discount based on your no claims history. 

  What is Covered:
  • An insured is eligible for the next slab of No Claim Bonus (NCB) if a Private car Motor Package Policy runs for a full year without any own Damage (OD) claim preferred under the policy. If an OD claim(s) is made during a policy period, the NCB of the customer drops back to NIL.
  • The NCB Protector protects your earned No claim Bonus, in the event of an Own Damage claim made for Partial Loss including claims for Windshield glass, Total Loss and theft of Vehicle/accessories
  • The No claim Bonus will not get impacted for the first 2 claims preferred during the course of this policy.
  • Insured will be eligible for continuation of current slab of NCB on renewal of this Policy with Royal Sundaram

  • You may prefer up to 2 Own Damage Claims during the year in which this cover is opted for and still be eligible for the same slab of NCB the next year, when the policy comes up for renewal.
  • If more than 2 OD Claims are made in a year, NCB will drop to 0%
  • NCB enjoyed in current policy should be 20% or more
  • NCB will be protected only if the policy is renewed within 90 days of the expiry of the previous policy
    • You must prove eligibility of NCB by way of a renewal notice or No claim confirmation letter from the previous Insurer
    • Mid-term inclusion or removal of this cover shall not be allowed
    • The accident should have happened during the currency of the policy
    • The vehicle should be insured under a Private car Package Policy with us and this cover will run concurrently with the package policy
  • Clause can be offered to Individuals and Corporates
  • All provisions and criteria for NCB Eligibility and entitlement will be as per NCB Clause in the Motor Tariff
  • In case of partial loss, the NCB in this clause cannot be transferred from one vehicle to another – even if both or multiple vehicles are in the name of the same insured
  • On the death of the insured, this clause will continue to operate provided the vehicle is transferred in the name of a legal heir and the same is endorsed in the policy
  • Vehicle should have been repaired in a garage authorized by the Insurer
  • The cover cannot be offered for a short period policy
  • All old Vehicles will be inspected where this cover is opted for the first time
  • Claims under self authorization mode are not covered under this clause
  • In case of theft of vehicle, NCB can be transferred to a new vehicle provided that vehicle is purchased and insured within 90 ays of the date of theft of the insured vehicle.
 This Clause will not Operate:  
  • This clause will be inoperable on the transfer of the vehicle. On transfer, the buyer will have to purchase this clause afresh by payment of full annual premium.
  • This clause will not operate if NCB in the existing policy is wrongly claimed – Inured is ineligible for the NCB.
  • This clause will not operate if any claim is made fraudulently or any claim is rejected due to concealment of material facts, misrepresentation or fraud.

Cancellation Clause: 

 The NCB Protector Cover will be cancelled if: 
  • NCB is wrongly claimed in a policy – Insured not eligible for NCB
  • Any OD Claim fraudulently made
  • Any misrepresentation/concealment of facts resulting in a claim or leakage of premium

Refund of premium will not be made on cancellation of this cover due to the above reasons.

Geographical Limit: This cover can be offered to any vehicle registered in India and plying within India

Pricing: Based on vehcile current IDV and Make.

UIN No:IRDAN102A0002V01201314
Key Protector Cover
In the event of keys to your car are lost/stolen/misplaced or damaged we will cover the cost incurred in repair/replacement of keys, including labour costs.

In the case of theft of key(s) entire set comprising of key, lock and lockset would be replaced.

We will also cover the cost of transporting your car to our nearest network garage or place of repair in the event of loss or theft of your car key.

This clause is applicable for 
  • Maximum 2 replacements/reimbursements will be allowed during the policy period.
  • Claim resulting from Burglary or theft should be supported by a First Information Report(FIR) with the police.
  • In case of lost or stolen keys, all other duplicates of the lost or stolen keys must be deposited with us.

UIN No:IRDAN102A0001V01201516      
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