Maruti Suzuki New Swift Insurance

Maruti Suzuki New Swift Car Insurance

The Swift remains one of Indian automobile industry’s most loved product. And in 2018 we can expect all the new 3rd generation version of this popular hatchback.

It is a sight to watch because of the all-new design. The nose with the big grill and the pointy headlights make the New Swift stand out. At the rear, the boot is 25% bigger and the door handles are placed on the C-pillar for a change.

Get inside and you will find more leg room than ever. The seats are comfortable and provide adequate under-thigh support. The dashboard with its analogue look gives off quite the retro look.

The car will come with 1.2-litre petrol and 1.3-litre diesel engines. Expect the former to produce 83/115Nm while the diesel will produce 75bhp/190Nm. In all, a solid purchase.

While the Swift has got an all-new upgrade, give it the protection it deserves through Royal Sundaram’s comprehensive car insurance policies. With smart add-ons and right pricing, you get top protection at nominal costs.