Ritz Ldi BS IV Insurance

Car Insurance for your Maruti Suzuki Ritz LDi BS-IV

Maruti Suzuki Ritz LDi BS-IV is known for its premium styling yet economical pricing. With its unique arrow-head design, sharp looking bumper, prominent headlights, this mid-segment hatchback garners a lot of attention. Low ground clearance, power steering and strong suspension also ensure effortless city driving especially over potholes and bumps, keeping you comfortable all the time. As a power-packed performance car with a 4-cylinder inline engine, it offers the best of speed and muscle. It is the best car for those long on-road getaways, even when fully loaded with 5 passengers and luggage in the boot.
However, before you decide to take off on that dream vacation, be sure you choose the right car insurance plan when buying the right hatchback for your needs, for which you can check out Royal Sundaram’s comprehensive yet well-tailored plans.