Car Insurance for your Renault

Renault Car Insurance

Renault established its name in the automobile history in 1898 when, on December 24th, Louis Renault showcased his Voiturette equipped with a game-changing direct-drive transmission. Renault received its first and 11 more orders on this day. Later, his brothers Marcel and Fernand Renault, officially set up the company by the name Société Renault Frères and prepared for a remarkable journey in the automobile industry.

Renault registered itself in the Indian automobile market in 2005 and introduced its debut automobile on the Indian soil in 2007. From then on, there was no looking back. The country has already seen 100,000 Renault cars on the road with the company recording its highest sales here in 2012. In 2014, the company unveiled its Kwid in India. This was Renault's first unveiling of a concept car outside Europe. Since its introduction in India, Renault has won 43 awards.

Get car insurance for your Renault from Royal Sundaram. With salient features such as dedicated personal relationship managers, cashless garage facilities and quick authorization of car repair, Royal Sundaram car insurance for Renault offers the best to its customers. Learn more and purchase your policy on our website today.

Renault Car Insurance

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