Car Insurance for your Toyota Land Cruiser Prado VX-L

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado VX-L Car Insurance

Known worldwide for manufacturing quality cars with a touch of luxury, Toyota is an automobile company that has launched a wide array of vehicles in India over the past years. The Camry, Etios, Altis, Fortuner, and of course, the highly successful Innova have all taken the Indian car market by storm by offering solid and efficient vehicles that go the whole distance.


However, one of the crowning jewels of this Japanese company is the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado VX-L. Whenever there is a discussion about luxury SUVs available in our country, the Land Cruiser is almost guaranteed to come up – and for a good reason too. Powered by a 3-litre turbocharged engine, this beast deserves all the attention its gets because of its stylish exterior and luxurious interiors too.


If you own this beauty of a machine, you should make it a point to insure it with an affordable Royal Sundaram car insurance policy which offers benefits like cover against fire, theft, third-party damage and natural calamities, cashless claim at many network garages, and free roadside assistance.

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado VX-L Car Insurance

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado VX-L Car Insurance Price

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado VX-L Car Insurance Price


Royal Sundaram offers a very competitive car insurance price for many kinds of cars and bikes. The insurance premium depends on the usual factors such as the year it was manufactured in, it’s date of registration and location, engine capacity and other add-ons that you can choose as per your liking. Another important factor is the Insured Declared Value, or IDV, of the car, which is nothing but the maximum sum that is assured for the car as stated by the Insurer.


By providing these few details, you can instantly get a quote for your car.


Toyota Land Cruiser Prado VX-L Car Insurance Renewal


When it comes to insurance renewal, we have a 3-step method in place that you can follow:


  1. Fill the form on the website by inputting your car’s policy number and expiry date
  2. Recheck your premium amount and other policy details to be doubly sure
  3. Make the payment


Your Toyota Land Cruiser Prado VX-L Car insurance renewal will be done by us within no time at all.


Renew Other Company Policy


If your car is insured by some other company, but you want to renew it with Royal Sundaram for whatever reasons, all you have to do is provide us with your existing car insurance policy details, and we will help you switch to a policy guarantees easy claim settlements, personal accident coverage and 24/7 assistance, amongst many other benefits.


Renew Expired Policy for Toyota Land Cruiser Prado VX-L


Vehicle insurance is mandated by the government of India in all states, and you should always renew Royal Sundaram policy for Toyota Land Cruiser Prado VX-L before it expires, and you get into any kind of trouble with the law.


Royal Sundaram makes it a breeze to renew your expired car insurance policy. You are only required to visit the website and input your expired policy number, vehicle registration number and vehicle inspection report (VIR). We will take care of the rest.

Visit the Royal Sundaram website for more information.