Car Insurance in Kerala

Car Insurance in Kerala

Kerala has a lot of achievements to its credit. It is a state with the highest rate of literacy, lowest rate of positive population growth, highest life expectancy, highest sex ratio and lowest corruption. Kerala is also one of India’s most popular tourist destinations, given its never-ending coastline, tranquil backwaters dotted with houseboats, rich wildlife and hill stations. It is thus, aptly named, ‘God’s own country’.

Kerala was initially known as the Spice Coast of India, given its spice trade with various countries across the world. The state is still famous for its spices with sprawling plantations dotting various key locations in the region. The hill station of Munnar is famous for its tea plantations that are second only to their siblings in Assam.

Kerala is also a hotspot for health tourism, with Ayurvedic spas and retreats being immensely popular especially with foreign tourists. The state is also well known for the dance form of Kathakali and the martial arts form of Kalaripattu.

The state has a wet climate for most of the year, given seasonal monsoons from June to December and the proximity to the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal. If you are a resident of this beautiful state and a car owner, do remember to insure your car with care and experience before the onset of the monsoon with Royal Sundaram’s car insurance policies that come with a variety of additional services such as free on-road repair and free towing up to 25 kilometres, along with access to multiple cashless garages across the state.

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