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10 Quick Tips about Car Insurance Policy

16 May, 2015

Whether you are driving a new car or a pre-owned car, owning a car insurance policy is imperative, and this is not only because this policy is mandatory by law but also that it prevents burning a hole in your pocket during mishaps such as accidents. 

The policy selected by a car owner will vary according to the coverage amount required; cover needs, and premium payment comfort, and the valuation of the vehicle. However, the ultimate motive of the policy buyer is essentially to secure maximum coverage with additional benefits at a reasonable premium. 

To make the process of policy purchasing simpler for you, we have shared these 10 quick tips:

1) Generate quotes online
Avoid consulting the auto dealer for quotes frequently as you will spend more time visiting the office. Opt for the online mode of generating policy quotes by entering the relevant information on the insurance calculator provided by several insurers on various websites.

2) Compare, compare, compare
Premium should not be the only factor for comparing policies. Compare other factors such as additional riders and covers provided by different plans. This will make policy selection easier. So many websites allow you to compare policies online. 

3) Do Not Hasten
Often, car insurance policy buyers have the habit to rush and fall for an attractive advertisement while availing insurance. Avoid haste to get the best deal.

4) Provide the right information
Do not provide false information while availing a policy; it will create problems in the claim process. 

5) Insurance Cover varies according to Car Model
Understand this fact: insurers calculate premium based on car model, make, manufacturing year, and several other factors. If you own a high end car the premium might be at the higher end.

6) Look for Discounts
Discounts will help you reduce the car premium, so it is essential to search for offers.

7) Look for No-Claim Bonus (NCB) during renewal
If you haven’t filed a claim in the previous year, then look forward to seek discount on car premium this year through NCB.

8) Look for Membership discounts
Royal Sundaram offers up to 5% discount on Own Damage Premium* to buyers who are members of Automobile Association of India. Look out for such special discounts.

9) Check out Cashless Garages Available
To avail cash-free service for repairs after accidents, look out cashless garages list available with insurer. 

10) Check the Claim Procedure
Look for insurers who have easy claims procedure. Thus, you will be able to avail reimbursement easily.