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5 Tips To Maintain Your Car All By Yourself

16 December, 2014

With time, cars have become sophisticated, comfortable, and easy-to-maintain. No wonder how smart and efficient your vehicle, it is still a machine and it will always require some timely repair or maintenance to work smoothly.

However, car maintenance services can charge hefty bills and burn a hole in your pocket. To avoid such additional spending for maintaining your car, you can always opt for the do-it-yourself methods. After seeking advice from numerous car experts, we have managed to shortlist this easy-to-implement car maintenance tips.

1) Maintain the Car Tires
Well-maintained tires offer better manoeuvrability as well as proper ground traction. As a result, you should keep your car tires in a good condition to enjoy smooth rides.
Check the tyre pressure from time-to-time and maintain it within the given limits.
Check the threads of tyres regularly to ensure that they are not eroded and the grip is well maintained.

2) Refill Oil from Time to Time
Oil plays the most important role in lubrication of the internal parts of engine, transmission, and other moving parts. If the oil levels are not proper, then the metallic parts soon start wearing off. As a result, your engine can get stalled anytime and you will have to bear the brunt of engine repair cost.

3) Clean air and fuel filters regularly
Petrol engines have air filters which frequently get clogged due to weather conditions, dust, and several other factors. Unclean filters affect engine performance and decrease fuel economy.
Similarly, diesel engines carry fuel filters which need to be regularly replaced for smooth engine functioning.
Follow the car maintenance schedule provided at the time of car purchase, or get one from your nearest service centre.

4) Maintain the brakes, belts, and battery

  • Brakes - Brakes are of two types: disc and drum. Regularly clean the disc brakes as they accumulate dirt easily. Similarly, get the drum brake liners serviced from local mechanics regularly.
  • Belts - Seat belts can get bruised with constant use. Check them regularly for uniformity and tension.
  • Battery - Battery is required for powering numerous applications in the car. Faulty battery can cause appliances to fail. Always check the electrolyte levels, and do regular top-ups to avoid battery failure.

5) Renew Your Car insurance policy on Time
Accidents caused by collision or natural disasters can leave your car completely devastated. The cost required for recuperating with the repairs can be extensive. Only a car insurance policy offers adequate reimbursement for the cost of repairs after accident. So, if you want to enjoy an uninterrupted financial cover for your vehicle, renew the policy on time.

Disclaimer: The information provided here is to be taken for reference purposes only and not to be used for any medical, legal or other professional use. For any insurance product, please refer the policy terms and conditions before concluding a sale.