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5 Tips to Reduce Car Insurance Costs

20 September, 2016

Auto insurance is mandatory and most owners only opt for the compulsory third party cover. Comprehensive plans are more advantageous, but not as popular because of the higher premiums.


However, there are several tips you can use to reduce the premium amount.


1.     Drive Carefully

Drivers who have a history of traffic violations, accidents, and invading road safety will have to pay a higher premium on their car insurance. It is advisable to be cautious and maintain a clean record to seek discounts or lower premium on the car insurance policy.


2.     Opt for Higher Deductibles

In addition to the compulsory deductible amount, owners can choose a voluntary deductible. This is the amount that owners will pay out of their pockets before the insurance company approves their claims. Most insurance companies provide discounts on the premium for owners who choose higher deductibles.


3.     Install Security Devices

Insurance companies reward owners who install security devices, such as anti-theft locks in their vehicles. Check with the insurer before installing these devices to ensure you do not incur unnecessary expenses. The car insurance policy premium discount should be higher than the amount you spend on the installation of these devices to make it cost-effective.


4.     Select the Vehicles wisely

Depending on your needs for commute, luxury, and budget, you will choose the vehicle of your choice. If you are into outdoor activities, an SUV is recommended, but if your driving is restricted to city roads, then opting for sedan is the best option. Based on your budget and needs, choose your vehicle accordingly. This will help you get the right policy that is budget-friendly.


5.     Shop Around

Before choosing an insurer, you should shop around. Avail quotes from multiple service providers and compare rates and features. Review the coverage available, premium, and other terms and conditions before making your choice.


With increasing expenses, users try to reduce insurance costs as much as possible. Royal Sundaram’s car insurance policies, like Car Shield, offer great value, with wide coverage and numerous benefits like roadside assistance and free emergency fuel.