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Car Insurance Advice for Car Owners in Flood Prone Cities

21 September, 2016

With large parts of India lying in the tropical zone, it’s not surprising that many of our cities experience torrential rains in the monsoons, with severe flooding being problematic in low-lying areas. Driving your car through the flooded roads can cause extensive damage to the engine.


Engine repairs are very expensive and can leave your finances stretched thin. Even comprehensive auto insurance may not cover the costs of repairs for engine damage due to water ingress, as this is regarded as a consequential loss that is not covered under the policy.


Most vehicle owners take the time to research about their prospective new car, but spend almost no time in determining the car insurance requirements. This is why many owners are surprised when their claims are not accepted by the insurance service provider. It is absolutely vital that you have the best possible coverage that protects against such damage, especially if you live in a coastal or low-lying area, prone to flooding. Opting for certain add-ons, as discussed below, will help you save substantially.


Hydrostatic Lock Coverage

This feature in a car insurance policy pays for any loss that arises from repairs or replacement of engine parts because of hydrostatic lock and water ingression inside the engine.


Roadside Assistance

This add-on coverage offers assistance to owners in case of a vehicle breakdown, which is not uncommon during the monsoons. The insurance provider provides towing assistance to the nearest workshop for undertaking any necessary repairs. In addition, the company offers alternative transportation to policyholders. Roadside assistance can also include other features, such as help in case of a lockout or loss of keys.


Consumables Cover

This coverage reimburses expenses incurred for consumables that have become unfit for use due to damage occurring from any peril that is covered under the car insurance plan.


For procuring the most advantageous and judicious blend of benefits and add-on covers, don’t just settle on the first policy you come across. Do some research and compare plans. Check out the Car Shield plan offered by Royal Sundaram and find customizations and add-ons that suit your needs. Royal Sundaram’s roadside assistance feature also includes emergency fuel delivery.