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Car theft? Here is how to make a car insurance claim

16 January, 2020

There is hardly anything as satisfying as driving through serene roads in your comfortable and cosy car. Whether it is daily commuting or unplanned road trips, a car is like a member of the family in many ways. But this harmony can easily fall apart if you face a car theft. We often hear news about cars being stolen but ignore them, assuming such a thing would never happen to us. But as they say, precaution is better than cure and being prepared for the unexpected is always a good idea.

While it’s hard to replace a lost vehicle, car insurance can give you the right funds to cope with the loss. Let’s dwell deeper and learn how you can make a car insurance claim for a stolen car:


Immediate steps to follow


When you realize that your car has been stolen or vandalized, the more you delay the process, the lesser options you are left with. Here are some instant steps to follow:

  1. Check with the towing companies, parking authorities, or the nearest traffic police office if your car was towed away.
  2. If you cannot find your car, report the theft to the police. The First Information Report (FIR) will help you file an insurance claim.
  3. Inform the insurance company immediately.
  4. You must also inform the concerned RTO that the vehicle has been stolen. This step should not be skipped as the registration authorities are responsible for transferring ownership of the vehicle. If your car is misused by someone, an advance and timely notification to the RTO can be helpful and prevent any unauthorized change in ownership.


Processing the claim forms

The first step in claiming insurance is to contact your insurance company. They will provide you with a claim form, which you must fill completely. You will be requested to submit other documents such as the registration certificate (RC) of the vehicle and FIR.



The process of insurance claims constitutes many steps and settlement is the most critical one. 

Before settlement, the beneficiary needs to submit a special Non-Traceable Report from the police and a 173CrPc Court Order.  After submitting these document, the insurance company will process the claim further.

If the claim is approved, you will have to submit more documents/items such as the car keys and legal documents, which the company will assist you in producing. 

The amount that will be paid is the Insured Declared Value (IDV) as mentioned in your policy documentation. Settlement will be completed within seven days from the confirmation of admissibility. If your vehicle is financed by a bank loan or leased, the payment will be made to the financier.



Car theft can be a disturbing experience for anyone. But not all is lost if you have insurance and know how to claim it in the right manner. Knowing your options and following the procedures of the insurance company can help you receive the claim in a short time frame.