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Check Car Insurance Online

22 August, 2019



Car Insurance in India, apart from being legally mandated, offers a great deal of protection to the owner-drivers. Following are some of the coverages provided –

  1. Loss or Damage to the vehicle due to fire, accident, theft, explosion, natural disasters, riots, terrorism, etc.
  2. Personal Accident Cover for owner-driver up to Rs. 15,00,000.
  3. Any financial liability arising from death or injury to a third-party by the insured vehicle, and damage to the third-party property by the insured car.


The two types of car insurance policy covers in India are as follows –

  1. Third-Party Car Insurance – This is a basic insurance plan that covers only third-party financial liabilities that arise from death, injury, and damage to third-party. Third-party cover is the bare minimum legal requirement for plying your car on roads.
  2. Comprehensive Car Insurance – this cover protects the owner-driver against any damage, theft or loss of the car, and personal accident cover for the owner, along with the third-party liability cover. It is a wholesome cover that gives thorough protection to the vehicle, owner, and third-party.




Convenience – You can buy/renew your car insurance policy online from the convenience and comfort of your home. You get all the information at the click of a button. You can read the policy details, analyze the inclusions, look at the reviews of users, and ascertain the extent of coverage, all from the convenience of your computer screen


Clarity – Online purchase/renewal ensures that you find all the policy information at one place and thus, have clarity regarding the coverages, prices, and other conditions.

Comparison – You can use the multiple online aggregator websites to compare the policies of various insurers and find the one that best suits your requirements.

Cost–Effective – Online buying/renewal opens a plethora of car insurance policy choices for you. You can compare the prices and choose the most cost-effective premium for your car insurance renewal.




There are many aggregator websites that allow you to compare the premium prices and features of multiple car insurance policies at the same time. Just visit any policy compare website, input all the relevant personal details, select the type of coverage you require, opt for the necessary add-ons, and click on “Get Quote.” The system will display the prices of all the insurers. You can also analyze the details of the policy and then buy the one that meets your requirements and suits your wallet.


You can also visit the Royal Sundaram website https://www.royalsundaram.in/ to get the quote for your Royal Sundaram Car insurance policy. On the Home Page, click on “Insurance” à “Car Insurance,” select “New Policy,” input all the relevant data as prompted by the screen, select the type of cover, and click on “Get Quote.” In the next screen, choose the necessary add-ons, and the system will display the price for your car insurance premium.


Opt for the coverage that best suits your requirements and get the exact cost of the premium at the click of a button. Verify the correctness of all the information provided by you as well as analyze the coverage opted for and then proceed to the payment gateway to pay the premium price.




As mentioned earlier, you may continue with the same provider or renew your policy with some other insurer.




If you want to renew your Royal Sundaram Car Insurance policy, you can now complete your renewal in 3 easy steps. Visit https://www.royalsundaram.in/ and select “INSTA RENEW.”


  1. Input your Policy number and Expiry date.
  2. View your policy details and Premium amount.
  3. Process your online payment.


Follow these 3-easy steps to renew your Royal Sundaram Car Insurance.




If you wish to renew other company’s car insurance with Royal Sundaram, just visit https://www.royalsundaram.in/ and select “Car Insurance.” On the next screen, select “Other Company Renewal” and input your car number, mobile number, name, and email ID. Select the type of cover and click on “Get Quote.” Opt for the required add-ons, if any and get the premium amount quote. Provide all the relevant information and make the payment.


Your car insurance policy will now get renewed with Royal Sundaram, and you can avail one of the best car insurances coverage.