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Everything You Need To Know About the Car Insurance Claim Process

28 February, 2017

Protecting your car with an auto insurance cover is the right decision to take. Everyone who owns a car needs to hold an insurance policy that safeguards the vehicle and the drivers/riders against the impact of untowardly incidents such as accidents. However, with an insurance cover the battle is only half-won. Majorly because, even though we buy a policy for our car we never expect a mishap and hence don’t prepare ourselves for any such situation.


Driving cautiously, living/working in a safe neighbourhood, safekeeping your vehicle in a garage and other such safety measures definitely reduce the risk.  But they don’t negate it completely, so we need to be on our guards in case circumstances take an unfortunate turn.


In order to make sure that you don’t panic in the time of crisis, here is a guide of car insurance tips for your claim procedure.


Don’t Delay

The situation in hand might leave you overly stressed but being prompt in filing the claim is the best way to overcome the situation. Unfortunately, if bodily injuries are involved, your insurance provider will surely understand the time you may require to reach them. Nevertheless, avoid any unnecessary delay.

Intimating the claim at the earliest will ensure quick returns. The information you need to provide at this time, ideally, includes–

Ø  Policy Number

Ø  Name of the Insured Person

Ø  Name of Driver

Ø  Contact Number(s)

Ø  Vehicle number

Ø  Make and Model of your Car

Ø  Date & Time of the Accident

Ø  Location of Loss

Ø  Brief Description about the Incident


Make Sure You Have All Your Documents

Insurance companies follow a stringent body of rules and if all the documents are not submitted to them, it might create irrelevant bumps in the way. Maintain a record of all the receipts like–

Ø  Original Registration Certificate and Driving licence required for verification.

Ø  Claim form (duly filled in & signed) to be submitted to the repairer/surveyor. 

Ø  Additional documents like medical expenses, police report in case of an accident, etc.

Call your insurance company on its toll free number, and the staff will provide you a comprehensive guidance about the same.


Good Customer Record

Maintaining a good relationship with your company strengthens their trust towards you, which in turn helps in accelerating the claim process


Ø  Firstly, as it reduces the requirement of several checks that might be needed otherwise.

Ø  Secondly, because poor behaviour like delayed premium payments, careless driving record and dishonesty of any kind trigger distrust and thereby lead to added steps of verification.


Do Your Homework

Before filing your claim, read the policy document on your company’s website. Call their helpdesk for any further assistance. Getting it right the first time will help reduce any steps for additional information/documents.


Don’t let this information overwhelm you, this is just to brush your knowledge for difficult times. Hopefully, you will not have to face any such perils, but if you find yourself in a difficult situation your insurance company will help you out. Royal Sundaram is highly recognized for its quick and smooth claim process.