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How many claims can you make under your car insurance policy?

30 August, 2019

With each passing day, more people are choosing private modes of transportation, like cars and two-wheelers for work and leisure. As a private vehicle is a large investment for most people, it is wise to cover your vehicle against unfortunate incidents by purchasing a package motor insurance plan.


What is a car insurance claim?


When your vehicle suffers accidental damage or is stolen, you end up suffering a financial loss. To protect yourself against this loss, you can file a ‘claim’ with your insurance company for reimbursement to make good the loss you have suffered.


What is the process of claiming car insurance?


Filing a claim for car insurance is an easy process. For a vehicle repair claim, you can follow these steps:

  • Use the toll-free number to call your insurer and register a claim.
  • After the registration of the claim, a claim number will be given to you, which can be used as a reference number.
  • After receiving the number, you are required to take your vehicle to an authorized repair shop. Your insurer will assist you in finding a suitable workshop.
  • You must then submit all the necessary documents such as the claim form, an RC (registration certificate) copy of the vehicle, proof of insurance and a copy of the driver’s license.
  • The car insurance company then has a surveyor examine your car and prepare a report of the damages and the corresponding expenses. You and your insurer will get a copy of this report.
  • The repair of the vehicle is carried out after the car insurance company confirms the liability of the car from the surveyor’s report.


How many car insurances claims can one make in a year?


There is no restriction on the number of claims allowed under your policy, so you can file as many claims as you want. However, filing a claim under your policy will affect your No Claim Bonus, and with repeated claims, your insurance premium becomes more expensive when you have to renew the policy.


The effect of multiple claims on the Insured Declared Value (IDV) of vehicles


IDV refers to the value for which the vehicle is insured. It is the maximum amount a car insurance company can pay under a policy for a claim. The IDV is relevant when the cost of repair for the vehicle becomes uneconomical or impossible, and it would be better to process your claim instead of choosing to repair it.


The policyholder should be aware of the fact that due to depreciation in the market value of a vehicle every year, the IDV of the vehicle decreases, based on a schedule available the policy terms and conditions.


How to decide whether to make claims or not


It is a fact that there are no limits on the number of car insurance claims that you can make during the tenure of the policy. However, in certain scenarios, not claiming car insurance would be the best option. These scenarios include-

  • Case 1: When the No Claim Bonus is higher than the repair expenses.
  • Case 2: When the repair expense is not greater than the deductible amount mentioned in your policy.




Car insurance protects you against potential financial losses due to an accident or a theft of your car. You can make more than one claim in a year. However, doing so has its drawbacks. Always read the terms and conditions, to be aware of how your motor insurance policy works.


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