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How to Find the Best Car Insurance Plan at Affordable Rates

29 August, 2016

Obtaining good auto insurance can be challenging, especially when you have limited knowledge about insurance. The internet however is a great source of information, with a vast number of websites, forums and groups offering useful information on the subject. This is especially useful to Indian car owners because of the mandatory requirement for minimum auto insurance.

As per the law, the minimum required insurance only covers only third party liabilities. Unfortunately, car owners who avail minimal protection do not enjoy cover for damage to their vehicles or selves. The costs of vehicular repairs or hospitalization, in case of injury, can be huge and can completely derail you budget.

Most people avoid comprehensive coverage on car insurance due to the higher premium cost. However, there are certain ways you can reduce the cost and enjoy the benefits of comprehensive coverage.

Avail Single Insurance for Multiple Cars

If you own more than one vehicle, opting for a single car insurance plan to cover all your cars will keep the premium down. Before signing up for the policy, it is recommended that you check the discount that is available for insuring multiple cars.

Opt for a Suitable Plan

Insurance companies offer several benefits and additional cover to help car owners customize their car insurance policy. Users are advised to check their cover before making a decision. One option would be to sign-up for pay-as-you-drive plans, if you do not travel long distances in your car regularly. Premium is calculated on the basis of the mileage reports that are maintained on a monthly and annual basis.

Shop Around

Most owners simply opt for insurance policies offered by car dealers. However, users are advised to shop around with multiple companies to find the best rates, with the widest coverage. Comparing costs and features online is simple enough and will not only save you a great deal of money, but it will also increase your benefits.

For excellent and affordable plans, check out Royal Sundaram’s Car Shield policy. Owners can enjoy high discounts, no-claims bonus, and a wide range of beneficial add-on covers that help to maximize benefits.