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List of Things You Need to Know When Your Car Insurance Expires

24 September, 2018

Car insurance is not a choice, it’s a necessity. Having a car insurance is important because it covers all your expenses that you may incur due to theft, vehicle damage or injuries to passengers, drivers or pedestrians. Although, if you fail to renew your car insurance policy on time, it will expire. Thus, it is prudent to renew your car insurance policy on time in order to save your precious time and money.


There’s no denying the fact that if your car insurance policy expires, your car is at full risk. If anything happens to your car, whether it gets damaged or stolen, you won’t be able to receive any sort of cover for it. This means you will have to manage everything without any kind of financial assistance.



Here’re a few things you must keep in mind when your car insurance expires


  • Get in touch with your insurance agent: Don’t worry if you have missed out on the date of renewal of your car insurance policy, you can contact your insurance agent and take things forward. You should get in touch with your insurance agent at the earliest. Your agent will easily help you out in such case. The longer you will wait to renew your car insurance policy, the harder it would be for you to find an insurance company that insures your car.


  • Avoid driving until you get a new insurance policy: Driving your car without insurance means putting it to further risks. Anything can happen at any point of time in life. You can never anticipate when you might meet with an accident. Thus, to avoid burning a hole in your pockets, it is advisable to avoid driving until you get a new policy.


  • Keep all your necessary documents ready: If you have decided to renew your expired car insurance policy, the next step is to contact the insurer and get the details of the documents required. You need to keep a copy of your registration certificate as well as your previous year’s policy handy. In addition to this, you will also need to keep your vehicle’s details.


  • Set up an appointment to avoid delays: Since your insurance policy has expired, your insurance company will send their representative in order to review the damages of your car. Thus, you need to ensure that you have set an appointment at the earliest in order to avoid further delays.


  • Buy the policy immediately: Once the inspection is completed, you need to purchase the policy as soon as possible. There are a lot of insurance companies that offer car insurance policies at affordable rates. Thus, you must choose a policy that is reliable.