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The Perks of Roadside Assistance in Car Insurance Plans

28 August, 2016

Most vehicle owners simply opt for the mandatory third-party insurance coverage. Most car owners do not want to spend additional money on their premium by availing add-on features, but this can cause greater losses in the long run.


Consider a scenario in which you are driving and your car suddenly breaks down. There is no way to reach a garage to get your car checked and repaired. What would you do in such a situation? You would probably need assistance from friends and relatives or a garage, towing service, and cabs in the area. This can be avoided if you opt for roadside assistance with your auto insurance.


Contrary to belief, this feature is available with a minor addition to your car insurance premium. The addition is based on some factors like age of the vehicle. If your car is old there is a higher possibility of a breakdown and you will need to pay a higher amount.


Coverage Inclusions:


  • Battery breakdown – In cases where the battery shuts down and requires a jumpstart
  • Minor repairs – The insurance company will send a mechanic to complete minor repair jobs
  • Flat tire – The insurer will provide quick assistance
  • Towing – Assistance is provided to tow your vehicle to the nearest garage or workshop of your choice
  • Spare key provision – At times you may find yourself locked out of your car because of the loss of keys or because you forget it inside your car. A car insurance plan with the roadside assistance feature would include the provision of a spare key from your insurer
  • Fuel provision – If your vehicle runs out of fuel mid-journey, the insurer will send emergency fuel, saving you the inconvenience of having to find a gas station


Unique Features


  • Accommodation – If the repair, in case of breakdown, takes a prolonged period, the insurer will offer hotel accommodation in the vicinity
  • Alternative transportation – In addition to accommodation, the insurance company arranges for alternate transportation to reach the garage or hotel
  • Guidance on minor faults – In case of minor defects, the service provider offers telephonic guidance if you do not have the time to wait for the arrival of a mechanic


While availing this add-on feature is beneficial, users are advised to review the terms to understand the benefits. Royal Sundaram’s car insurance policies include certain free roadside assistance benefits and there are several other features that will ensure your experience of car ownership remains convenient and stress free.


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