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Top Tips to Save On Car Insurance Premium

30 November, 2016

Car owners consider their rides as their best companions on the streets, be it long drives or regular commutes. That’s why you can find them taking utmost care off their ride, whether it’s timely washing, periodic maintenance, or simple check.

In spite of taking all the care, your car is still exposed to the risk of damage from unpredictable events like accidents, natural disasters, or man-made calamities such as riots. To protect your pocket from the impact of such losses, a car insurance policy is recommended.

There are different types of car insurance plans launched in the market. Apart from coverage for damages caused due to collision, these policies offer several additional covers. All this increases the overall premium amount. In order to save on the premium amount, here are some of the top tips to follow while buying car insurance online.


1.  Choose Higher Deductible

Deductible is the upfront amount that you pay at the garage for the repairs to be done after accident. Insurers consider increasing the upfront amount in order to lower the premium to be paid. This saves them on passing cashless claims, thereby making it easy for insurers to manage cash flow.


2.  Opt for a Bundled Policy

Every policy comes with additional riders, which offer added protection. However, these riders are available at additional cost, thereby increasing the overall cost of the policy. Instead of opting for individual covers, you can choose a bundled policy that will provide these add-on covers within a single policy, but for lower premium.


3.  Installation of Safety and Security devices

By installing security devices, you minimize the risk of theft, thereby increasing the protection. Insurers understand this fact and accordingly reduce the premium to be paid for the car insurance policy.


4. Prevent un-wanted covers

Every insurer offers additional covers, which you can avail or not, depending on the level of coverage you seek for your vehicle. Thus, to reduce the premium, it is recommended to select the covers judiciously.


5.  Do Research

Comparing before buying will give you a better idea on which policy is best for your ride. While comparing, it is recommended to check for the scope of cover, discounts, claim settlement ratio, and access to cashless garages.