Why Royal Sundaram

Why Royal Sundaram

There are a number of big questions you're bound to be pondering over before you decide whether or not to apply to Royal Sundaram. Things like what kind of people will you work with, what's the culture like and what kind of benefits would you receive? Storming with all these questions we have an answer for you.


Orientation at Royal Sundaram:


On the very first day itself you would realize that you have made the right choice. Our Colleagues will go out of their way to help you settle in and catch up with the fast moving tide. Orientation is designed to help you meet your future challenges and to tell you about day-to-day mechanics like processes, tools and IT systems. We value diversity and different perspectives all of which contributes to a strong sense of being a team

Culture at Royal Sundaram: 

Both Sundaram Finance (SF) and Royal & Sun Alliance (RSA) share a magnificent pedigree of Trust that goes back decades before the two entered into partnership to form Royal Sundaram (RS).

Hence the RS culture evolved adopting the best from both SF and RSA, with people like you adding great value to it. Honesty, Openness and Trust mean everything to us. It is the very foundation of our business and we foster these qualities in every employee, encouraging him or her to uphold these values in the execution of even the smallest detail.

We are proud to indentify our selves as a "Learning Organisation" where we continuously learn and explore more about our business and environment, employees have ample opportunities to learn and grow, where RS take great pride in investing in its Human Asset through may interventions such as GCF(global Capability framework), LZ(Learning Zone), etc to help you progress.


Behavior Traits & Beliefs - What drives us forward?


  • 'More Engaged' people - Unlock Discretionary effort

  • Getting the job done - Execution is king, whatever it takes

  • Hug the Customer - Deliver customer's need, not your offering

  • Hunt like a pack - Talk, listen to colleagues - implement together

  • Compliance in everything - Doing the right thing with no surprises

  • Productivity, Efficiency - More rupee per rupee

  • 'Step Up' Leadership - Behave like you own this Company


"Values" we entrust:


Six shared values have been at the heart of Royal Sundaram since our formation. These values influence the way we meet customers needs while respecting the regulatory requirements in the field we operate, and the way we promote ethically sound practices within India and in our partnerships.




In everything we do, we will strive to be open and conduct our dealings with honesty. We will never compromise on integrity.




Empowering ourselves and others to be involved and take responsibility.




Sharing knowledge and working well together including with business partners.


People Commitment:


Invest in our people and recognize as well as reward superior performance.


Customer Commitment:


Meet and exceed our customer's needs.




Develop and maintain the highest standards of professionalism backed by continuous learning and improvement. 


We will enjoy what we do.