Claims Surveyor Limits

Categorization of Surveyors - Applicable Limits

In compliance to the provisions of the IRDA circular No: 026 / IRDA / SUR / CIR / DEC-08 dated 22/12/2008. The following limits would apply for the engagement of independent surveyors.
Applicable to all lines of business. Any deviation warrants prior approval from the respective Corporate Claims Head.

Category of the Surveyor Applicable Limits
A Category No Limit
B Category Upto Rs 5999999
C Category Upto Rs 1799999
Corporate Office may engage a surveyor from another category depending upon the nature, type, extent, intricacy/ peculiarity and the geography of the loss.
Surveyor engagement for category A and B requires reference to corporate office prior to the allocation of the job.
The limits are valid from 01/04/2016 and the same will be continued till further notice.