Driving Without A Copy of Insurance Will Invite A Heavy Fine

Driving Without A Copy of Insurance Will Invite A Heavy Fine

Every four minutes, one person succumbs on Indian roads, and 16 children lose their lives every day as per a research study. Numerous other similar studies highlight the problem that is prevalent on the Indian roads. Reports also indicate that the maximum number of road accidents are due to individual negligence and not following traffic rules, driving recklessly with or without being under the influence of drugs or alcohol.


The Ministry of Road Transport & Highways after much consideration introduced the Motor Vehicles Amendment 2019 to improve the safety on Indian roads. Once the new amendment is implemented, individuals caught breaking traffic rules, driving without the helmet or seatbelt on, driving without a licence, driving without insurance copy, not giving way to emergency assist vehicles, letting a juvenile ride a vehicle or disrupting any other rules described under the amendment will result in severe penalties which would include higher fines, increased prison time, license suspension etc.


Driving with No Insurance Fine - Now & Then

The amendment hopes to strengthen the public transportation system and aims to restrict cash exchanges in a bid to limit corruption by automating the entire process. Some very heavy penalties have been proposed for road safety violations which covers a wide range of traffic incursions.


General fines and road rules violation have each been raised to 500 INR. Driving a four-wheeler without wearing a seatbelt will draw a fine of 1000 INR as opposed to the previous fine of 100 INR. Further, according to the new laws, driving an unauthorized vehicle and driving without a copy of the licence will cost 5000 INR each. Persons found disobeying authorities will have to cough up 2000 INR.


Individuals driving without a copy of their vehicle insurance will have to pay 2000 INR as opposed to the earlier amount of 1000 INR. Similarly, overloaded two-wheeler riders will have to shell out 2000 INR and also have their licence disqualified for three months. Riding a two-wheeler without wearing a helmet will be fined 1000 INR and may also result in disqualification of the license for a period of three months.


Some of the other notable changes include free of charge medical treatment during the golden hour, which is the most crucial time period in saving the life of a road accident victim.


The legal guardian will be held liable in cases of a minor or juvenile perpetrator of road offence. This can be opposed if the guardian is able to show evidence of a lack of knowledge of the offence, or that they undertook the required measures to prevent it.


How to Buy Insurance Online & Branch Office in Your City

A car or a bike insurance policy is a binding contract that protects the policyholder and their interests against any monetary loss in case of theft or mishaps. Vehicle insurances offer protection cover for damage liability, theft of the property, and safeguards against legal accountability towards other persons for damage of property or bodily injury.


Based on the IDV or the insured declared value, the premium amount for your vehicle insurance is decided. This premium amount increases on increasing the IDV and reduces on lowering it. So, it is important for all policyholders to compare all types of vehicle insurance options before buying a new policy or on renewing the insurance.


There is a multitude of policy options available online that you can purchase for your vehicle. You can log on to the official website, enter the details, and get a premium quote, and then purchase a plan that is most suited for your requirement both in term of features and the premium of the policy.


Additionally, along with safeguarding against theft and accidental damage, a comprehensive insurance plan will also cover against losses incurred due to damage from fire, explosion, natural calamities and phenomena like lightning, spontaneous self-ignition, strikes, and terrorist activities, riots, etc.


You can also purchase car insurance or bike insurance for your vehicle by visiting the nearest branch office of the insurance provider of your choice. This will ensure that you don’t have to do any research, and the executive in the branch will help you with a plan that best suits your requirements.


The Indian laws make it mandatory for all owners of the motor vehicle, plying on Indian roads to insure their vehicle. It is also vital to understand that the purchase of a term plan towards car or bike insurance provides risk coverage against all kinds of mishaps, which is a fundamental necessity in any individual’s overall financial readiness.


While purchasing vehicle insurance may come across as additional expense that may not generate any returns, it is absolutely essential for your financial well-being beside being mandatory as per the Motor Vehicle Act.