Kidney Stone

Kidney Stone



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What is Kidney Stone

What is Kidney Stone?


Hard, crystalline mineral produced within the kidney or urinary tract of a person is referred to as kidney stone. According to the research and general observation, one in every twenty people develops kidney stones in their lives. The main cause and the significant risk factor for kidney stone formation is dehydration. Kidney stones form as a result of a decrease in urine volume and/or an increase of stone-forming substance like salts in the urine.


Hereditary and diet factors are also associated with the stone formation in the kidney. Usually, urinary stones are formed in people belonging to 20 to 49 years of age, and also those who are more inclined to multiple attacks of kidney stones usually manifest their first stones during the second or third decade of their life. Patients who have already produced more than one kidney stone are inclined to develop further stones in the body.


Kidney Stones Symptoms


A Kidney stone might not show any symptoms until it flows around within an affected person's kidney or passes into their urethra. The urethra is a tube that connects the kidney and the bladder.


At that time, a patient may encounter these signs and symptoms:


  • Unrelenting pain in the side and back. Usually, below the ribs.
  • Radiating pain towards the lower abdomen and groin
  • Irregular Pain. A pain that comes in waves and wavers in intensity
  • Pain during urinating
  • Pink, red or brown urine
  • Foul-smelling urine
  • Regular nausea and vomiting
  • The persistent urge of urinating
  • Urinating often than usual
  • Fever and chills in case of infection
Kidney Stones Diagnosis

Kidney Stones Diagnosis


Conducting urine tests can reveal if a person's urine consists of a high level of mineral that can form kidney stones. A comprehensive blood and urine tests can help doctors to determine the type of kidney stones a patient might have. A blood sample may also be obtained from a person and sent to a lab to test. This will be done to ascertain if a person has high levels of minerals in blood that can lead to kidney stones. Imaging tests can also be used to locate kidney stones. The conducted tests might also show problems that caused the formation of kidney stone, such as a blockage in the urinary tract or a congenital disability. These tests, such as imaging don't require the use of anesthesia.


Kidney Stones Treatment and Cost in India


The treatment for kidney stone primarily depends on the size of the stone and the mineral it is made of, and whether it is blocking one's urinary tract. To answer these questions and to advise the best treatment, a medical practitioner might ask a person to undergo urine and blood test, x-ray and/or a CT scan.


If tests results detect smaller sized kidney stones, doctors may recommend medicines and ask a patient to intake plenty of fluids to help pass the stone through urine. If the size of the kidney stone is large or is blocking the urinary tract, additional treatment is required.


One kidney stone treatment involves shock wave lithotripsy. This treatment makes use of shock waves to crush the kidney stones into small-sized pieces. Post-treatment, the small pieces of the kidney stone shall pass through the urinary tract and out of the body with urine.


The cost of kidney stone removal surgery in India ranges from an average of INR 29,000 and can go all the way to INR 89,000.

Health Insurance in India - Kidney stone

Health Insurance in India


The main contributor to the increase in mineral levels in the blood and consumption of unknown salts is changing lifestyle. Life is becoming stressful day-after-day. Increase in working hours leads to less time for making homemade meals, which is causing many to switch to a diet involving junk food.


A decent health insurance policy shall usually cover most of the expenses made towards doctor in terms of consultation fees, costs towards certain listed medical tests, ambulance charges, most importantly the hospitalization charges and even post-hospitalization recovery charges to a certain extent.



A health insurance policy is an insurance cover that helps the insurer and his family to get a certain amount of financial support they need to get the treatment done.


The benefits of health insurance are:


Prescription drugs


Hospitalization charges


Ambulatory services


Emergency services


Wellness and preventive services


Chronic disease management


Besides, health insurance also helps in receiving tax benefits.


Other Diseases:


All thanks to pollution, excessive workplace competition, and growing stress, there is a list of diseases that this new lifestyle has caused everyone. Many people are facing illnesses in the initial stages of their life, diseases which would normally occur in the old age.



  • Cardiovascular illness
  • Breathing problems
  • Tumor
  • Cancer
  • Kidney and liver issues




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