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What is Menopause

What is Menopause?


Ageing and growing old is not counted as a pleasant experience by anyone. As human beings age, they face many biological or psychological changes and difficulties that are accompanied by it. Menopause is one such discomfort, the onset of which, at a certain age, affects both men and women. The fluctuating hormones in both genders wreak havoc on their bodies, especially the functioning of their reproductive organs and overall quality of life alike.


 Menopause in women usually hits during the early 50s or late 40s and is more well-known compared to men. A woman is considered to have reached menopause when she does not menstruate in 12 consecutive months. Once a woman reaches menopause, she can no longer become pregnant naturally.


“Male Menopause” as it is loosely called is a term used for Andropause. Men face age-related changes in hormones with diminishing testosterone and diminishing deficiency. It is often connected with hypogonadism. This can affect fight-or-flight response, mental as well as physical energy, and other key features.

Menopause Symptoms

Menopause Symptoms


The levels of sexual hormones begin reducing as one grows older. These hormonal changes lead to a point, where uncomfortable symptoms like lowered libido or sexual desire, lowered energy levels, poor sleep, mood swings and weight gain begin to manifest on a routine basis.


Predominantly, menopause symptoms are more pronounced in women than men as the onset of Menopause essentially ends the period of fertility in the former. As many as thirty plus drastic alterations can be easily listed as Perimenopause indicators. Some of which are discussed here:


  • Night sweats and facial flushing, accompanied by a feverish sensation of heat, commonly known as Hot Flashes, are two of the most widely known menopause symptoms.
  • Fluctuating reproductive hormone levels like oestrogen and progesterone lead to irregular periods in ladies
  • Diminished energy levels affect everyday productivity. This leads to straining of interpersonal relationships due to lack of interest, tiredness and general fatigue.
  • Lapses in memory due to decreased levels of oestrogen and progesterone
  • Diminished sexual desire and low libido in both men and women affect overall sexual health.
  • Some men are plagued by Erectile dysfunction and infertility
  • Breast development or Gynecomastia can be seen in men
  • Vaginal dryness in women is also common
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Panic and anxiety attacks accompanied by fluctuations of emotions and mood
  • Recurrent UTIs or infections of the urinary tract, loss and thinning of hair, bloating, etc. are other messy changes brought on by Menopause
Menopause Diagnosis

Menopause Diagnosis


Menopause can be self-diagnosed by tracking the symptoms and the last menstrual cycle. Even when you visit the doctor, they will need these details to along with a list of all the medications taken or treatment you may be undergoing at that point in time. The doctor may also ask you about the common symptoms that occur during menopause.


The healthcare provider can also confirm menopause by testing the pH of the vagina, which reaches six during menopause. Blood tests to determine the level of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) and oestrogen, lipid profile, liver and kidney function and thyroid function will give help in diagnosing menopause.


If diagnosed with menopause, you do not need to worry about the result. Adequate exercise and resting, appropriate nutrition, stress-reducing methods, psychological support system, a well-disciplined routine life, etc. are ways in which individuals can easily manage most menopause symptoms by themselves.


Making healthier lifestyle choices is a sure way to counter symptoms and limit the severity and bring about a noticeable change in overall health. Depending on your personal health condition, antidepressants may be prescribed along with therapy, and lifestyle changes for those showing signs of depression.

Menopause Treatment and Cost in India

Menopause Treatment and Cost in India


Menopause is not a disease, rather it is a phase like puberty, that comes on with age. Sometimes the onset can be early, and severely symptomatic individuals could seek menopause treatment to manage and alleviate general discomfort and reduce the severity of the symptoms and improve their quality of life.


Based on their past health and disease history, women could opt for medications or any available therapy, aimed at countering Menopausal symptoms. Low dosage anti-depressants, gabapentin, and clonidine skin patches help against hot flashes.


HRT or Hormone replacement therapy is considered to be controversial but may be highly effective in treating a majority of the highly upsetting menopausal symptoms. Oestrogen therapy and HRT are highly useful against osteoporosis and also help in lessening the risk of colorectal cancer. Dyspareunia, dryness and other urinary troubles can be treated with suppositories, and over-the-counter tablets and locally applied medicines.


Cost of treatment in India could range anywhere between a few thousand to a few lakhs annually, depending on the severity of symptoms and the adopted mode of treatment.

Health Insurance in India

Health Insurance in India


Hospitalization coverage, International assistance in case of emergencies, Cashless transactions during health insurance claims, and No-claim bonus are some of the features provided by medical insurance companies. The best health insurance policy providers will offer policies that cover a majority of diseases without many exceptions.


Selecting a healthcare insurance policy is a crucial step that can have significant ramifications on your financial well-being at time of need. Following are some of the steps you can follow to pick the best health insurance policy in India:


  • Understand the policy: While there are several online portals that can help you compare the policy, the onus of understanding the fine prints is on you. Alternatively, you can rely on the good old way and call your agent or company executive to understand the policy.
  • Claim settlement ratio: Use the online tools available to find the claim settlement ratio of the insurer before selecting any policy.  
Other Diseases in India

Other Diseases in India


Most disorders can be treated with simple medications and healthy life choices. When these approaches fail to bring relief, one could opt for surgical intervention or consult a medical professional. Be careful can prevent you from contracting infectious diseases and staying fit will help you boost your immune system. These approaches can help you contract some other diseases common in India are:


  • Gout
  • Dengue
  • Haemorrhagic fever
  • Viral disease
  • Aneurysm
  • Emphysema