Swine Flu

Swine Flu


We will be covering the following:


  • What is Swine Flu?
  • Swine Flu Symptoms
  • Swine Flu Diagnosis
  • Swine Flu Treatment & Cost in India
  • Health Insurance in India
  • Other Diseases
What is Swine Flu

What is Swine Flu?


Swine Flu is a disease that is generally found in pigs. However, in some cases, it can be transferred to humans. The disease is highly contagious and is similar to seasonal flu. 


Swine Flu is an airborne disease and people coming in contact with infected pigs are highly susceptible to contracting the virus. Even though the disease is contracted from pigs, the H1N1 influenza virus contains flu genes found in birds, swine, and humans.


A person having swine flu can have a cough, fever and sore throat, which makes it hard to differentiate from the normal flu. Swine flu can sometimes cause long term damages to a person’s immune system.


Patients who have contracted Swine flu are advised to avoid crowds as they can easily pass on this contagious disease. Swine Flu can be easily treated using antiviral drugs. A vaccine for swine flu was created after the disease became a pandemic in 2009. However, people with the respiratory illness can have adverse effects to this vaccine. 


Swine Flu Symptoms


It is highly advised that you seek medical help if you have been around pigs and start seeing any of the following Swine Flu symptoms:


  • Fatigue
  • Chills
  • Headache 
  • Cold
  • Cough
  • Sore throat
  • Fever


The prolonged existence of these symptoms can cause respiratory illnesses and lung diseases. The disease can have adverse effects on patients having a history of illnesses like asthma and diabetes. 


Swine Flu Diagnosis


The symptoms of swine flu are extremely similar to seasonal flu and can be easily overlooked. People who been around pigs are recommended to immediately contact a doctor, in case they start noticing any flu-like symptoms. 


A doctor can suggest tests like rapid influenza diagnostic test, which will help them diagnose and treat swine flu easily. In case an influenza virus is found in the test results, the doctors can recommend further actions depending on the severity of the symptoms.


Airborne respiratory illnesses are highly contagious, and you can never be too careful when dealing with flu-like symptoms. It is always a safe bet to invest in health insurance for the family to tackle such circumstances. 


Swine Flu Treatment and Cost in India


Generally, Swine Flu can be treated with simple antiviral drugs or even home remedies. However, if the case is severe, then it is advisable to visit a doctor. Depending on the diagnosis, the doctor could recommend the best course of action.


Oseltamivir (Tamiflu), Peramivir (Rapivab), and Zanamivir (Relenza) are some of the generic medications that are used to treat swine flu. It is generally advised to take these medications within the first 48 hours of noticing the flu symptoms. The doctor can also prescribe painkillers and other medications to help with individual symptoms of the flu, like the headache and fever.


It is vital that patients who have swine flu not only take medicine but also take care of their diet. Doctors recommend eating simple, non-spicy food and stay hydrated.


Treating Swine Flu may not necessarily be expensive in India as long as it immediately diagnosed. Swine Flu, if left unattended, can cause long-lasting effects on a person’s immune system. 


Senior citizens who have contracted swine flu are susceptible to going into critical conditions if the symptoms don’t get treated fast. It is highly advisable to have health insurance for senior citizens to help take care of medical expenses. 


Insurance in India


Health insurances in India have become excellent support for people dealing with medical conditions. The industry serves people in need in the most critical of times by taking care of bills and expenses depending on the type of health insurance plans a person has.


People in the country have started seeing the importance of having health insurance giving a rise in the number of health insurance options in the market. It is imperative that you choose the best health insurance plan for yourself and your family. 


A good health insurance policy provides you with coverage for all the expenses you might incur during the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. A lot of health insurance plans not only provide coverage but also reimburse any expenses that happen during the period of the illness as long as it is included in the policy.


So, make the right choice and invest in medical insurance right away. 


Other Diseases 


Littering and unhygienic surroundings in our country make us extremely prone to diseases that are spread by animals and insects. People living near dumping grounds and stagnant water bodies must take extra precaution.


Swine flu is not the only disease that can be contracted by living in the vicinity of infected animals. Other diseases caused by living in unhealthy areas are:


  • Malaria
  • Dengue
  • Chikungunya
  • Tuberculosis


Most of these diseases can be contracted very easily. It is always advisable to keep your living spaces clean to keep insects and rodents out and make use of sanitizers when coming in contact with unclean surfaces. Preventing these diseases is better than having to cure them.