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Health Insurance

Health Insurance

Health Insurance Policies from Royal Sundaram

Royal Sundaram offers affordable health insurance plans with a wide range of benefits to take care of you and your family. Our Health Insurance plans are flexible and affordable with different Sum Insured options to suit your unique need. Choose from basic health insurance covers to specialist medical insurance plans that offer maternity benefits and increases your sum insured automatically every year, even if you make a claim. We also offer cash benefit plans that cover non hospitalization expenses like to and fro conveyance during hospitalization, get double cash benefit in case of accidental hospitalization and triple cash benefit in case of admission to ICU.

Our Health Insurance Policies offer:

  • Pre and post hospitalization expenses
  • 147 Day Care procedures Covered
  • Cashless hospitalization at over 3000+ network hospitals
  • Lifetime renewal
  • Tax benefit under section 80 (D)
  • ISO certified claims process
  • In case of hospitalization due to an accident your cover expands up to additional 50% of Sum Insured
  • Maternity cover
  • Pre-existing cover after 3 year waiting period
  • Get Cumulative bonus for every claim free years from 5% up to 50 %
If you already have a health insurance policy from another insurer, you can apply for portability to transfer the credit gained by you for pre-existing conditions and time bound exclusions. Know more about Health Insurance Portability. Once your portability application is accepted you can buy Royal Sundaram Health Insurance Policy.

LIfeline Health Insurance Plans

Lifeline Health Insurance

Lifeline is a holistic indemnity plan from Royal Sundaram that covers the health insurance needs of you and your family.

> 100% Reload of Sum Insured at no extra cost

> Double your Sum Insured in 5 claim free years with No Claim Bonus

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Family Plus

Family Plus Health Insurance

Family Plus, is a unique health insurance plan, providing most comprehensive health coverage at an affordable price

> A single policy to cover a large family, which can include 19 different relations.

> A unique combination of an Individual + Floater Sum Insured in the same policy.

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Buying health insurance also helps you to save tax under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act 1961. You can get a maximum tax benefit of Rs.55,000/- on health insurance premium paid. Avail an annual deduction of Rs.25,000/- from taxable income for health insurance premium paid for self and dependant spouse and children. Pay the health insurance premium for your dependant parents and claim an additional tax benefit up to Rs.25,000/- under the provisions of Section 80D. If your parents are senior citizens (aged 60 years and above), the benefit goes up to Rs.30,000/-.
Thus you can avail a total possible deduction of up to Rs.55,000/- under Section 80D.
To avail income tax benefit from your health insurance policy, you have to provide the proof of premium paid. Do keep in mind that Tax benefits are subject to changes in tax laws.

Buy Health Insurance Online:

You can buy a Health Insurance Policy at the convenience of your home. Get a Health Insurance Quote in 2 minutes and buy online without any documentation. All it takes is just few minutes of your time and you are all set.
  • Click on 'Buy Now' link.  You will be redirected to the first step of buying the policy online.
  • You will have to provide us with the information such as the details of Insured person, his/her dependents and the Insured Amount.
  • You can choose to buy the policy for one or two years depending on the plan you choose.
  • Our online calculator will help you to calculate your premium payable (based on the information provided) when you click on 'Calculate Premium'.
  • You may make a note of the 'Quote ID', in case if you want to proceed with policy purchase at a later point of time.
  • Else, you can 'proceed' with the purchase process and buy the policy online.  You can choose from Debit Cards/ Credit Cards/ Internet Banking payment options. Your policy will be triggered to your mail ID instantly on completion of your transaction.
  • Before 'proceeding to pay', please confirm that your information is correct and upto date in the 'Summary page'.  The same information will be printed on your policy documents and your Health Card.
  • Your policy will be effective, the moment your payment is processed.
  • You can print your policy documents and enjoy the benefits provided by the policy.

Already have a Royal Sundaram Health Insurance Plan?

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FAQs on Health Insurance

What is Health Insurance?
Health Insurance covers any major, unforeseen, illness or accident, which requires admittance and treatment in a hospital, for more than 24 hours.
Why Health Insurance is necessary?

In today’s stress filled life, life style diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure have become very common in our country. As we age, the chances of these illness affecting us increase. Hospitalization for a period of even 7 days can be very expensive and erodes our savings. This period of admittance and treatment cost increases if we are affected by any critical illness such as cancer or kidney failure. The cost varies anywhere between Rs10 to Rs15 lakhs to treat such major life threatening diseases. Health Insurance is the only solution to protect our savings, against such unforeseen medical costs.

What are the Key features of Royal Sundaram's Health Insurance policy?
We will cover Medical Expenses for all of the below during the period of hospitalization.
  1. Medical Practitioners’ fees;
  2. Room Rent, boarding expenses;
  3. Intensive Care Unit charges;
  4. Diagnostics Procedures charges;
  5. Medicines, drugs and consumables;
  6. Nursing Charges;
  7. Intravenous fluids, blood transfusion, injection administration charges;
  8. Anesthesia, Blood, Oxygen, Operation theatre charges, surgical appliances;
  9. The cost of prosthetics and other devices or equipment if implanted internally during a Surgical
Procedure. In addition to the above our products come with a whole range of additional benefits such as,
  1. Pre-hospitalization Medical Expenses
  2. Post-hospitalization Medical Expenses
  3. Day Care Treatment
  4. Ambulance Cover
  5. Organ Donor Expenses
  6. Domiciliary Hospitalization
  7. No Claim Bonus
  8. Re-load of Sum Insured
  9. Ayush Treatment
  10. Vaccination in case of Animal Bite
  11. Health Checkup
  12. Preventive Healthcare & Wellness
  13. Second Opinion for Critical Illness
  14. Emergency Domestic Evacuation
  15. Worldwide Emergency Hospitalization
  16. International Treatment for 11 specified Critical Illness
  17. Maternity Benefits
  18. Nutritional Allowance for mother, post delivery
  19. New Born Cover
  20. Vaccination for New Born Baby
  21. OPD Treatment
Can I buy more than one Health policy?
Yes. You can buy more than one health policy. But for the purpose of ease of administration, we will recommend that you buy one policy, with a higher sum insured, rather than multiple policies with smaller sum insureds.
Are there any tax benefits on health insurance policy?

Yes. There is a section 80 D benefit that is available for the person who is paying for the insurance policy. (Proposer)

He can avail a tax exemption of up to Rs25,000/- for the premium paid for self, spouse and children.

There is an additional Rs25,000/- for the premium paid for parents, who are aged below 60 years.

For parents aged above 60 years (senior citizens), there is an additional Rs25,000/- on offer. Thus the maximum exemption amount can go up to Rs75,000/-, depending upon the number of covered members in the family.

Is there any Income Tax exemption limit on Health Insurance?
Same as above.
What is Cashless Facility?

Cashless Facility means a facility extended by the insurer to the insured where the payments, of the costs of treatment undergone by the insured in accordance with the policy terms and conditions, are directly made to the Network Provider by the insurer to the extent pre-authorization approved.  

Is my health insurance policy valid for Pan-India?
Yes. The health insurance policy will be valid in all parts of India.
How is the Health Insurance premium calculated?

The premium is calculated based on the age of the insured person, plan type / SI opted, tenure opted and the location of the proposer.

What are the factors that affect Health Insurance premium?
Same as above.
What are the procedures for change of address on medical insurance?

You will need to call or write to our Customer Services and share your revised address to enable us to change the same in the policy. You can call on 1860 425 0000 or write to  

I am already having health insurance and want to increase sum insured, what should i do?

You will need to get in touch with our customer services team and share a request in writing to initiate the process. The request will be considered, subject to necessary medical underwriting process. They will guide you on the details of this process.

Can I cancel my current policy? If cancelled, will I get my premium back?
Yes. You can cancel your current policy. Premium will be refunded, based on the short period rates mentioned in your policy terms and conditions.
What are the important exclusions under Royal Sundaram mediclaim policies?
The exclusions vary depending upon the product / plan chosen by you. You should refer to the policy terms and conditions of the policy purchased by you to get the accurate details.
What does Pre and Post hospitalization mean?
Medical Expenses incurred immediately before and after the Insured Person is hospitalized, provided that: I. Such Medical Expenses are incurred for the same condition for which the Insured Person’s Hospitalization was required and; II. The In-patient Hospitalization claim for such Hospitalization is admissible by the Insurance Company.
What are the expenses covered under Hospitalization Expenses?
We will cover all of the below.  
  1. Medical Practitioners’ fees;
  2. Room Rent, boarding expenses;
  3. Intensive Care Unit charges;
  4. Diagnostics Procedures charges;
  5. Medicines, drugs and consumables;
  6. Nursing Charges;
  7. Intravenous fluids, blood transfusion, injection administration charges;
  8. Anesthesia, Blood, Oxygen, Operation theatre charges, surgical appliances;
  9. The cost of prosthetics and other devices or equipment if implanted internally during a Surgical Procedure.
What are the documents required while registering for health insurance claim?
Below are some of the key documents that will be needed. Please refer to the policy terms and conditions for the complete list.

  1. Test reports and prescriptions relating to First / Previous consultations for the same or related illness.

  2. Case history / Admission-discharge summary describing the nature of the complaints and its duration, treatment given, advice on discharge etc issued by the Hospital.

  3. Death summary in case of death of the insured person at the hospital.

  4. Hospital Receipts / bills / cash memos in Original (including advance and final hospital settlement receipts).

  5. All test reports for X-rays, ECG, Scan, MRI, Pathology etc., including doctor’s prescription advising such tests/ investigations (CDs of angiogram, surgery etc need not be sent unless specifically sought).


What are the procedures involved while claiming for health insurance?

a) For admission in Network Hospital (Cashless Claims)

Insured Person shall call the TPA helpline and furnish Membership Number, Policy Number and the Name of the Patient within 72 hours before admission to hospital for planned hospitalization and not later than 48 hours of admission in case of emergency hospitalization. The insured shall also provide to the TPA by fax or e-mail, the details of hospitalization like diagnosis, name of hospital, duration of stay in hospital, estimated expenses of hospitalization etc. in the prescribed form available with the Insurance help desk at the Hospital. The Insured shall also provide any additional information or medical record as may be required by the medical panel of the TPA. After establishing the admissibility of the claim under the policy, the TPA shall provide a pre-authorisation to the hospital guaranteeing payment of the hospitalization expenses subject to the sum insured, terms conditions and limitations of the policy.


b) For admission in Non-Network Hospital or into Network Hospital if cashless facility is not availed (Re-imbursement Claims)

Notice of claim: Preliminary notice of claim with particulars relating to Policy number, Name of the Insured Person in respect of whom claim is made, nature of illness/injury and name and address of the attending hospital, should be given to the Insurer within 72 hours before admission in case of planned hospitalization, and not later than 48 hours or before discharge, in case of emergency hospitalization.

Submission of claim: The insured shall submit the claim form along with attending physician’s certificate duly filled and signed in all respects with all the necessary claim documents not later than 30 days from the date of discharge.

Can I get Reimbursements in case of treatment in non- network hospitals?
Yes. As explained in point b above.
How to check the status of my Health Insurance claim status?
We will send you periodic SMS alerts on the status of your claim. You can also call our customer services team to get more details.
What is claim settlement ratio?
It is the ratio of number of claims that get paid, in relation to the total number of claims made in any given period of time. A higher claims settlement ratio, gives a positive indication of the claims settlement capabilities of the insurer.
What are the reasons for denial of claims under health insurance?
There could be several reasons for denial of a claim. Some of the common reasons are,  
  1. Submission of incomplete documents.
  2. Claim for pre – existing diseases, before the completion of waiting periods.
  3. Claims for diseases which are excluded permanently from the policy terms and conditions.
What does a Health Insurance policy cover? And what it doesn't cover?
What is covered is explained in answer for Q3. Major exclusions include, 30 day waiting period, 1st and 2nd year exclusions, Pre Existing Diseases waiting periods and some permanent exclusions.
Is there any waiting Period for claims under a health insurance policy?
The common waiting periods in all policies will include a 30 day waiting period, 1st and 2nd year exclusions, Pre Existing Diseases waiting periods which can vary from 2 to 4 years.  
What is pre-existing condition in health insurance policy?
Pre-existing Disease means any condition, ailment or injury or related condition(s) for which the Insured Person had signs or symptoms, and / or were diagnosed, and / or received medical advice/ treatment, within 48 months prior to the first Policy issued by the insurance company. Such PED’s will not be payable for a period of 2, 3 or 4 years depending upon the waiting period applicable in that particular plan chosen by the customer.
If my policy is not renewed in time before expiry date, will I be denied for renewal?

There is a 30 day grace period available, after the expiry date to renew the policy, with continuity benefits. However there will be no cover during this period of break in insurance. It is always advisable to renew the policy well before the date of expiry to ensure continuous coverage.

Is it possible to transfer my policy from one insurance company to another without losing the renewal benefits?
Yes. This can be done by porting the policy from one insurer to another by following the portability guidelines.
What is the maximum number of claims I can make over a year?
There is no restriction to the number of claims that an insured person can make in a year. The only limitation will be the adequacy of the chosen sum insured.  
What is the difference between Family Floater & Individual Health Policy?
In a family floater policy, a common sum insured can be shared by all members of a family. This is more cost effective as compared to an individual sum insured policy, where each member of the family will have a separate sum insured for him or her, which cannot be shared with other family members.  
What does Annual Sum Insured mean?
The chosen sum insured of Rs3 or Rs5 lakhs, will be available to the customer for a period of one year. The customer pays an annual premium for this. At the completion of this 1 year period, the policy will need to be renewed by paying the premium for the next block of 12 months.
Is Medical Test mandatory for everyone?
No. Medical test is generally needed only beyond the age of 45 or 50, depending upon the product / plan chosen by the customer. It may also be needed for members below this age, if they have any specific disease which needs to be medically underwritten.  
Can I have medical policies from multiple insurance companies?
Yes. Please refer to the answer for Q4.
Are there special discounts available for handicapped people?
No. There are no such discounts available.  
What are the differences between Health Insurance and Personal Accident Insurance?
Health Insurance is an indemnity policy, where the insurer will pay up to the amount of claim, which can be lower than the opted sum insured. PA cover is a benefit plan where the entire sum insured is paid, in the event of a claim.  
What are the different types of Health Insurance Products offered by Royal Sundaram?
Royal Sundaram has 2 distinct products which are rich in features and benefits. Life Line and Family Plus offer very good coverage at very affordable premium rates.  
What do you mean by Domiciliary Hospitalization? What does it cover?
Domiciliary Hospitalisation: means medical treatment for an Illness/disease/injury which in the normal course would require care and treatment at a Hospital but is actually taken while confined at home under any of the following circumstances:

  • the condition of the patient is such that he/she is not in a condition to be removed to a hospital or;

  • the patient takes treatment at home on account of non-availability of room in a hospital.

What is 'No Claim Bonus' under health insurance?
Cumulative Bonus (No Claim Bonus) shall mean any increase in the Base Sum Insured granted by the insurance company without an associated increase in premium.
What is 'Re-load of Sum Insured'?
If you ever exhaust your health cover due to claims in a given year and there is a further claim either by you for a different illness or your insured family member, we will reload the entire sum insured of your policy at no extra cost. Reloaded sum insured will help you to settle those claims.

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Health Insurance
21 Apr 2018

Thank You very much, the claim has been credited to my account , and I really appreciate all the help and effort in making this happen, Thanks once again.

Priyadharshini Kannan
20 Apr 2018

It was indeed a good start to my day today because you understood my issue and have acted accordingly.Thank you for your help

Mukesh Sheth
11 Apr 2018

This mail is to provide feedback regarding service provided by you yesterday morning.Thank you again for providing the certificate -Hospital Cash Insurance Policy which I was looking for.Hope your institution continues to provide prompt service in the future as well looking for.I am actually very impressed by the promptness and care with which you attended to my concerns.

Amal Roy
11 Apr 2018

I would specially like to thank Mr Benjamin for his response to my case. He took up my case judiciously and brought it to its logical end. I really appreciate it. The after sale service provided by Royal Sundaram has impressed me to such extent that I shall always discuss with my relatives and friends and encourage them to take health insurance policy from Royal Sundaram.

Dileep Kumar Ram
21 Mar 2018

Excellent service from your team. In less than 24 hrs your team sent the documents and I received on the next day. Satisfied with your service level. Keep continue

Hari Babu
10 Jan 2018

Thanks team. Sometime back I spoke with Akanksha, regarding non receipt of my policy documents, she was very polite & answered all my queries regarding my 03 quires in one go. Thanks Akanksha

Sathyashankar Subbanna
12 Dec 2017

I really appreciate your gesture and and quick response Hope to be back with you after renewal Thanks a lot

Ashutosh Chhaya
17 Oct 2017

Thank you very much to the Royal Sundaram team for the timely intervention and swift response. My family and I are very happy and indebted to Royal Sundaram team for the response and frequent assistance given by your team. Mr Ravishankar even called my family wishing speedy recovery post discharge from the hospital. I am proud of being a Royal Sundaram Customer as I never had such good experience anywhere in the world of customer services.

Vairavan T
10 Feb 2017

I hereby acknowledge the receipt of your warm and nicely worded email for which I convey my HEARTY THANKS. Needless to add that I very much appreciate your personal attention in the matter of prolonged delay and help for expediting my case within few days. Once again I convey my sincere thanks particularly to you and in general executives and staff Members of Royal Sundaram General Insurence Co. Ltd. cc:- IRDA COMPLAINTS. WITH FOLLOWING NOTE :- I am confirming that my complaint is satisfactorily resolved. I convey my HEARTY THANKS FOR HELPING ME IN RESOLVING MY GRIEVENCE OF SETTLEMENT OF MY CLAIM.

Surendra Popatlal Bhalakia Popatlal
16 Mar 2016

Royal Sundaram assistance is so convenient that without meeting any representative we could buy the product from there.

08 Mar 2016

During claim settlement process, I didn't face any issues. The whole process was so fast and easy then other health Insurance policy provider. 100% satisfaction.

Vinu Ponappa
03 Mar 2016

I am so happy and satisfied with the service provided by Royal Sundaram that I would recommend everyone to purchase Health Insurance policy from here.

Peeyush M
17 Feb 2016

Your call centre executive helped me with buying health insurance policy. Appreciate the good response and easy documentation for the policy.

R Shriyan
12 Feb 2016

We have a health policy from Royal Sundaram. My husband was admitted last month, after which we submitted our claim for cash reimbursement. Thanks for the team for settling our claim and helping us in the crucial time.

Anupama Gopal
11 Feb 2016

Thanks for the prompt response from your team in settling my claim. Great job! Thank You

Gunjan Ramadasan
23 Jan 2016

Royal Sundaram's service is excellent. I needed health insurance policy and i got it from them swiftly and easily.

Smitha Kumasagi
09 Jan 2016

The staff that call for assistance are so good in explaining each and every minute detail of the policy. I liked d way the executive explained me though I dnt remember his name but he made my life simple and purchase easy.

Sandeep Telgiri
15 Dec 2015

After experiencing the best service from Royal sundaram for their Car insurance policy, I purchased their health insurance policy and they never disappointed me. The service was the best.

Rakshit Shetty
30 Nov 2015

I have royal sundararm health insurance policy and I have satisfied with the company and quick settlement

21 Nov 2015

I had taken health insurance from your insurance company. so proceeding with car insurance

29 Sep 2015

"excellent service i am also having health insurance plan with the company no problem in renewing the policy so far"

16 Aug 2015

Overall good experience while getting health insurance policy from Royal Sundaram.

Harikrishnan K
11 Aug 2015

It is great to use your online facility. Easy health insurance online purchase process.

06 Aug 2015

Interaction about health insurance with your company was good.

R Mani Shankar
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