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Health Insurance Diseases

Diseases and ailments are stress-inducing phenomena for human life. Especially in today’s fast-paced world, we are prey to several lifestyle diseases and disorders that were not so prevalent even 50 years ago. With the advent of sedentary lifestyles, longer working hours, increased consumption of processed foods and a general apathy towards health and fitness, the modern generation is quite prone to conditions that may require urgent or prolonged medical care.

It is always better to be prepared should you or a loved one fall prey to any such affliction. Royal Sundaram offers various health insurance options that cover treatment costs for various diseases and disorders. Appended below is a list of various ailments as well as useful information about them.

Health Insurance for Different Diseases

Multiple Sclerosis Cancer of Specified Severity Cervical-Lumbar Spondylosis
Cholecystitis Cholesterol Degenerative Disorders
Jaundice Open Heart Replacement Open Chest CABG
Bone Marrow Transplant Thyroid Permanent Paralysis of Limbs
Tuberculosis Ulcer Motor Neurone Disease
Migraine Abdominal Adhesions Hepatitis A
Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Fracture Coma of Specified Severity
First Heart Attack Glaucoma Eye Surgery
Gastritis Appendicitis Kidney Failure
Stroke Anaphylaxis Ankle Pain and Tendinitis
Vascular Disease Tonsillitis Thymoma
Sinusitis Scoliosis Schizophrenia
Pulmonary Embolism Prolactinoma Phobias
Pendred Syndrome Patellofemoral Syndrome Osteoporosis
Osteopenia Osteomyelitis Onchocerciasis
Neutropenia Neuroblastoma Necrosis
Myocarditis Multiple Myeloma Metabolic Syndrome
Mesothelioma Meniere Disease Melioidosis
Melenoma Measles Marfan Syndrome
Lymphoma Lumbar Stenosis Leptospirosis
Influenza Hysterectomy Hypersomia
Hydroxyapatite Herpes Hernia
Hematoma Hemapheresis Gangrene
Ganglion Erythropoietin Encephalopathy
Edema Dystonia Dyslexia
Disc Prolapse Dengue Dementia
Degenerative Disc Disease Cystinuria Cryptococcus
Cirrhosis Cholestrol Choledochal Cysts
Cholecystogram Chlamydia Beta Thalassemia
Bacterial Meningitis Avian Flu Cellulitis
Cardiomyopathy Bypass Surgery Bronchitis
Borderline Personality Disorder Asthma Anthrax
Anemia Amyloidosis Amenorrhea
Amebiasis Alzheimer's Diseases Stroke resulting in Permanent Symptoms
Kidney Failure requiring Regular Dialysis Due to Fracture Cholecystitis With Cholelithiasis
High Blood Pressure Cervical Spondylosis  
Pertussis Hemophilia  
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