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Health Insurance for Asthma

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Studies show that India has an estimated 15-20 million people suffering from Asthma. And more shockingly, it indicates a prevalence of 10-15% in 5-11 years old children. Asthma is a chronic lung disease wherein, the airways narrows and inflames. It is characterized by swelling or inflammation of the bronchial tubes with the increased production of sticky secretions inside the tubes. The inflammation narrows the airways that carry the oxygen to the lungs and also make the airways sensitive to the irritation and increase the susceptibility of an allergic reaction.
A trigger might be a cold, dust, smoke, chemicals or pet dander. If the trigger enters the airway, more mucus and swelling develops which further worsens the condition and make breathing harder. Asthma may be caused because of genetics, but environmental factors may play a key role. It is important to manage your asthma to live your life comfortably. The treatment is based on goals like relieving the symptoms and prevents the future attacks and symptoms.
Some of the common symptoms associated with asthma are:
  1. Shortness of breath
  2. Chronic cough, especially at night or when laughing or exercising
  3. Chest pain or tightness
  4. Troubled sleep because of wheezing and coughing
  5. Fatigue
  6. Rapid breathing
  7. Sweaty face
  8. Feelings of panic and anxiety
If you suffer from asthma, medical assistance must be sought at the earliest to get the right medication to manage it as it is not possible to control it. It is recommended to check out the Royal Sundaram health insurance plans that come with features like Pre and post hospitalization expense, ambulance cover, and many more. To cover medical expenses for conditions like allergy is quite easy with Royal Sundaram health insurance for asthma.
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