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Health Insurance for Choledochal Cysts

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Cholecdochal cyst is very rare in Western countries, but very common in East Asian countries. According to a 2009 study published in the U.S. National Library of Medicine, the incidence of cholecdochal cysts is highest among Asian populations. Nearly 1 in 1000 cases are diagnosed with this condition.
Cholecdochal cysts are also called bile duct cysts. This is a congenital condition involving the cystic dilation of your bile ducts. The presence of these cysts is usually detected with an ultrasound. However, many people live with them for years without any detection.
There are five types of cholecdochal cysts. Symptoms of this condition include the following:


Abdominal pain that is intermittent

Discovery of an abdominal mass in the upper quadrant 


Clay colored feces

Inflamed pancreas



If you experience any of the symptoms associated with cholecdochal cysts as mentioned above, seek appropriate medical attention right away. It is recommended that you check Royal Sundaram’s health insurance plans for options like the post and pre-hospitalization charges, easy renewal options and more. Seeking coverage for medical expenses related to cholecdochal cysts is quite easy with lifeline Royal Sundaram health insurance for cholecdochal cysts.

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