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Health Insurance for Dyslexia

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Research indicates that 10-15% of children may suffer from Dyslexia. In India, the figure is high because of multilingualism. Dyslexia is a neurological condition that characterizes the difficulties the child face to write, read and spell. Dyslexia is also referred as Language-Based Learning Disability.
Dyslexia can be linked to certain genes that control the development of the brain. It is an inherited condition and often runs in the family. These traits appear to affect the parts of the brain that concern with language. It interferes with the ability to convert the written words and letters into speech.
The symptoms range from mild to severe. Some of the common symptoms are:
  1. Reads painfully and slowly
  2. Experience decoding errors
  3. Wide disparity between reading and listening comprehension of the text
  4. Trouble with the spelling and handwriting
  5. Trouble recalling known words and mathematics computation
If your child witnesses certain symptoms, you must seek medical attention immediately. Check out Royal Sundaram health insurance plans that offer some amazing provisions like all day care procedures, preventive healthcare and wellness, inpatient care, etc. Covering medical costs for a condition like dyslexia is hassle-free with Royal Sundaram health insurance for dyslexia.
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