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Health Insurance for Due to Fracture

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A break in the bone is termed as a fracture. Fractures are caused by many conditions such as osteoporosis (a degenerative disorder wherein the bones become increasingly brittle and susceptible to breakage,) low bone density, falls and other injuries. Stress fractures are very tiny cracks in the bone caused due to overuse—these are usually found in athletes.

Common symptoms of a fracture include:


•  Distorted limb or misaligned joint

•  Discoloration, swelling, bleeding or bruising

•  Severe pain

•  Fever

•  Lack of sensation, or tingling

•  Partial mobility or inability to move the injured part

Any suspected fracture requires immediate medical attention. Treatment includes stabilizing the patient, diagnosing the specific type and place of fracture, setting the bone and applying a cast or splint over it. Complex fractures wherein part or pieces of bone have broken the skin or have pierced an organ may need surgery. At times plates, pins or screws are put in to keep the bone in place.

At the onset of any such symptoms, medical attention should be sought immediately. Check out Royal Sundaram's health insurance plans available with provisions such as pre- and post-hospitalization expenses, lifetime renewal, and access to over 3000 network hospitals. Medical expenses incurred due to fracture can easily be covered with Royal Sundaram health insurance for due to fracture. The plans also offer cash benefit plans. These cover non hospitalization expenses such as conveyance expenses incurred traveling to hospitals. There is also a double cash benefit in case of accidental hospitalization and triple cash benefit in case of admission to ICU.


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