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Health Insurance for Glaucoma

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Glaucoma is a condition in which the pressure within the eye builds up to an extent that eyesight is affected. The pressure is caused when excess aqueous humor—the liquid within our eyeball—does not drain out effectively. Often affecting both eyes, glaucoma manifests itself to varying degrees as in one eye may develop glaucoma more rapidly than the other.


The increased intraocular pressure can damage the optic nerve and the nerve fibers from the retina causing gradual loss of vision and ultimately blindness.


There are four main types of glaucoma:


• Chronic open-angle glaucoma develops very slowly and is the most common type of glaucoma. Symptoms include gradual loss of peripheral vision (mostly in both eyes) and tunnel vision in advanced stages


• Primary angle-closure glaucoma is a rare form of this disease and can develop slowly (chronic) or rapidly (acute) with a sudden, painful pressure build-up in the eye. Its symptoms include pain, nausea and vomiting with the pain, sudden visual disturbance, often in dim lights, blurred vision, halos around lights and red eyes


• Secondary glaucoma, a condition that occurs as a result of an eye injury or due to uveitis


• Developmental glaucoma also known as congenital glaucoma is a rare type occurring in very young children due to eye abnormalities


At the onset of any such symptoms, medical attention should be sought immediately. Check out Royal Sundaram's health insurance plans available with provisions such as pre- and post-hospitalization expenses, lifetime renewal, and other features. Covering medical costs for a condition such as glaucoma can be accomplished with Royal Sundaram health insurance for glaucoma.

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