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Health Insurance for Melenoma

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Melanoma is a most dangerous type of skin cancer and a leading cause of deaths from the skin disease. Melanoma is caused by changes in the cells called melanocytes that produce melanin, a skin pigment. Any DNA damage to these cells causes this abnormality.
It is caused by intense exposure to ultraviolet radiation.  It can be inherited from close blood relations. Melanoma resembles moles and mostly it is black or brown in color, but can be of pink, purple, blue or white. Most of the times legs, arm, back and face are influenced which are more exposed to UV radiations.
Symptoms of melanoma:
  • Change in existing moles
  • Growth of new pigment on skin
  • Development of unusual moles with unsymmetrical boarder
  • Different color of mole
  • Sometimes, there can be itching or bleeding or pain
  • Eye melanoma degrades the vision
  • Peeling
  • Development of an open sore
Melanoma can be treated in early stages so doctor should be consulted as soon as any of the symptoms are seen. If not treated well in the time it could turn out to be fatal. You need not worry Royal Sundaram health insurance plans cover melanoma diseases. Health insurance for melanoma diseases covers the cost of the treatment and the medical cost. It is recommended to check out the Royal Sundaram health insurance for melanoma diseases that come with features like, no room rent capping, 100% reload of sum insured, no disease-specific limits and many more.
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