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Health Insurance for Necrosis

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A recent study shows that there are more than 16000 cases of necrosis each year in India. People between the ages of 30 and 60 are generally prone to this disease.
Necrosis is a type of cell injury in which cells or tissues die at a premature stage. It occurs when there is not enough flow of blood to the tissue.  Necrosis is caused by factors external to the cell or tissues, such as infection, toxins, or trauma that result in the unregulated digestion of cell components. Necrosis can arise from lack of proper care to a wound site and also due to lack of blood flow.
Its symptoms include:
  • Pain in affected area
  • Change in color of skin
  • In avascular necrosis, pain in bones, knees and hip joint
There are many causes of necrosis, and as such treatment is based on the cause of Necrosis. If you are suffering from any of the signs and symptoms associated with necrosis, you must seek immediate medical attention. It is also recommended that you peruse through Royal Sundaram’s health insurance plans that are equipped with features like ambulance cover, easy renewal, and pre/post hospitalization charges. To cover medical expenses for a condition like a necrosis is very simple with Royal Sundaram health insurance for necrosis.
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