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Health Insurance for Neutropenia

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Neutropenia refers to an abnormally low count of neutrophils (white blood cells). Neutrophils are created by the bone marrow and travel through your bloodstream to the infected areas. These white blood cells help in invading the microorganisms. Thus, it provides immunity against infections by destroying bacteria in the blood.
Neutropenia is caused by the problem in production or destruction of neutrophils in the bone marrow, nutritional deficiency and infections such as tuberculosis, dengue fever, and viral infection. Neutropenia patient is prone to infections caused by bacteria present in the skin, mouth, and digestive tract.
Neutropenia doesn’t have symptoms of its own. People come to know about it by a blood test. Patients may have symptoms of infections and other problems leading to neutropenia. The common symptoms are fever and frequent infections such as:
  • Ulcer
  • Diarrhea
  • Rashes
  • Longer healing time for wound
  • Abscesses
Neutropenia is treated based on its severity. In severe cases, bone marrow is simulated to produce the neutrophils. Also, stem cell transplant is a useful treatment. It must be treated well in time, or it can be fatal. Royal Sundaram health insurance plans are here to help you with its special features such as no room rent capping, no disease specific limit, pre/post hospitalization charges and many more. Royal Sundaram health insurance for neutropenia provides the cost of treatment and medical cost.
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